The Cat Is Convinced That Its Owner Brought Back The Wrong Dog From The Groomer

Convinced cat brought groomer wrong dog

Milly the cat and her dog brother, Lupim, have a very special relationship. It had a rough start, according to her adoptive mother, Amanda Alckmim, but eventually it became something very special. After a while, Milly and Lupim began to enjoy each other’s company and became inseparable.

But recently, it seems, what seemed like a simple visit to the hairdresser threatened to ruin the wonderful relationship these brothers have. Apparently, his mother felt that little Lupim’s curly hair had grown too long, so she arranged for him to get a haircut that would significantly reduce his fur.

When Lupim returned from the groomer looking refreshed and looking like a brand new dog, Milly apparently didn’t recognize her brother, apparently convinced that their mother had brought the wrong dog home.

The cat is convinced that the wrong dog has been brought to the groomer

Convinced cat brought groomer wrong dog

And while Lupim looked quite handsome with his new haircut, his sister Milly’s disgruntled reaction definitely ruined the moment he was having. The feline did not recognize him and was quite upset by the situation, since she considered it to be another dog.


Amanda told The Dodo:

“It was super awkward.”

Convinced cat brought groomer wrong dog

Luckily, it didn’t take long for Milly to realize that, despite her different appearance, the dog next to her was Lupim. Now, after all the confusion at the time, the dog and kitten have shared some good times together again.

Finally, Amanda said:

“Milly was surprised to see Lupim after the hairdresser. But now they’re friends again.”

Images: Amanda Alckmim


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