Corgi And His Brothers Work Together To Steal Leftover Dinner

corgi steals leftovers help brothers

Hugo is a cunning corgi who lives with his mother Line Froystad and siblings. This puppy is quite mischievous and despite his small size he knows how to commit misdeeds, with the help of his brothers who are always by his side.

Hugo always wants to do everything his Collie brothers do; he always runs and imitates everything they do.

Line told The Dodo:

“Border collies are used to him jumping on their backs, so they don’t mind. He’s been doing it since he was little.”

Corgi and his brothers steal dinner leftovers

corgi steals leftovers help brothers

Due to his short legs, doing certain activities is not so easy for Hugo, but his mother was very surprised at how the corgi found to solve his dilemma.

Line account:

“After dinner I noticed the corgi jumping on the border collies back to get to the food. I was standing there watching them and thought that was so sweet. So I gave it to him a little help and he was very happy.”

corgi steals leftovers help brothers

The woman left the plates with the leftovers from the dinner forgotten near the stove, which caught the attention of Hugo who, with a little help, managed to reach the plate. Line immediately grabbed her camera and managed to document the whole scene.

Line added:

“The moment he got up, he attacked the food. The two border collies probably expected him to share, but he didn’t.”

corgi steals leftovers help brothers

Line is happy to see how Hugo solves the situations he goes through with agility and how lucky he is to still have his two brothers. They are really very close. He usually runs after them when they go swimming, jumps on their backs and they let him do whatever he wants.

Hugo may be small, but no doubt his brothers allow themselves to be led by him and allow him all the pranks that come his way. He makes everyone happy with his jokes.

Line added:

“He’s a very funny dog. We make fun of him all the time.”

corgi steals leftovers help brothers

You can follow his Instagram account and enjoy the antics of Hugo and his brothers.

Images: IG / funnybubbledogs

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