A Big-Hearted Couple Can’t Stop Adopting 3-Legged Dogs

couple adopt dogs 3 legs

There are families with such a big heart that they perform miraculous deeds that change the lives of creatures in need. This is the story of a couple who have started adopting 3-legged dogs, poor little ones whose life is not as simple as one might think. And they haven’t been able to stop since then.

One day Breanna Sarver decided to adopt a puppy. She wanted a nice Golden Retriever, because she was full of energy. But she met Casey and she fell in love with him at first sight.

The poor little dog was born with three legs and the girl drove for two hours to fetch her first dog. And since then, they have been inseparable, the two are always close and do everything together. True sisters.

This couple can’t stop adopting 3-legged dogs

dog 3 legs

Casey brought happiness to the girl’s life. At the end of the day, he couldn’t wait to be with her. She realized that she was a very special dog and so with her boyfriend she decided to adopt another special puppy. Another puppy with three legs. This time a pastor named Harper arrived, who got on well with and got along well with Casey.

Life was going well when something happened to disrupt their lives.

One month after Harper’s arrival, Casey died in a bad accident. Her parents were heartbroken. Calling the person from whom they had adopted her to break the news, the couple discovered that her brother was also looking for a house. And he had three legs. What do you think they decided to do? In their house there was room for everyone!

Adopting 3-legged dogs to give them a happy future

After Casey, who died tragically, and Harper, Chance, brother of the first dog, also arrived.

Sarver told The Dodo :

It was one of the best decisions I could ever make. Mia helped comfort me during my grief in ways I never imagined.

And after Chance came Oakley, a blind dog who lost the use of a paw. We are sure they will not end there, as Willow is scheduled to arrive, because the couple is determined to take care of everyone!

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