A Couple Bought A House With 16 Cats Included And Adopted Them All

couple bought house 16 cats

This lovely couple bought a house that included a colony of 16 cats and now they are part of the family.

As Emily and Dylan were looking to buy a property, they came across the perfect place. They were thrilled with a country house, but before they bought the place, the estate agent warned them that there were about 16 feral cats living there, which they couldn’t catch and they were included with the property.

The couple, who are animal lovers, saw no problem and decided to buy the property, complete with kittens. Once inside the house, Emily and Dylan set out to gain the cats’ trust, so they sat at the entrance to the house and left treats for the suspicious cats.

Over time, they started adding more and more stuff, like catnip and toys. So much so that when the couple got home, all the cats were waiting for them at the entrance looking for more food and pleasure.

A couple bought a house with 16 cats

Cats family

Quickly endearing themselves to cats, the couple found the opportunity to vaccinate and neuter them all. On top of that, they decided to make it their goal to remodel a shed with no doors or windows because the feline family needed a warm and safe place to live.

Emily wrote on her Instagram account:

I have to be honest…when we first moved in, I wasn’t happy with all the barn cats left behind. I have never had a cat before, let alone 15. Fast forward 7 months later and I love my kittens. There are 3 that I can pet and hold now and they have all become so much more comfortable with my presence.

Emily and Dylan set up different comfy cat beds, heated to combat the excessive cold, and set up cute little houses with escape routes, which the cats absolutely loved.

Cats take a nap

It’s been a while since the couple moved into the property, and a lot has changed there. Now they only remember when they arrived home and encountered a very elusive group of feral cats, today these cats are already part of the family, they approach and ask for attention, and their adoptive parents sometimes even forget that they were once feral cats.

couple bought a house with 16 cats

For now, the couple will pursue their ideas to continue to condition the place and make the life of these cats as comfortable as possible, while, on their side, the felines continue to enjoy the nature that surrounds the property.

If you want to follow the adventures of this family of cats, you can go to Emily’s Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / freedomfarmhouse

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