Couple Build The Cutest Bedroom For Their Kitty

couple build bedroom cute spoiled cat

Stella is a spoiled cat who has been with her family since she was little. The feline knows that she is the darling of her parents who are quite interested in DIY projects and love to post her magnificent work. Among their special projects, the couple built the cutest bedroom for Stella.

Really excited to give Stella a special space, the couple quickly focused on building the most adorable bedroom for her darling. Fortunately, they had a large space that was already empty and it only needed the right touches to make it a pleasant space.

Kelsey Mansingh, Stella’s mother told The Dodo:

She’s so spoiled, like you can’t tell. We always joke that she is obsessed with us, because she follows us everywhere, greets us at the door when we get home, lies down to have her belly rubbed, and wakes us up in the morning meowing and walking everywhere.

Couple builds bedroom for their spoiled cat

Spoiled cat

Kelsey continued:

She is so sweet and super playful. We always say that she looks more like a dog than a cat.

The couple’s special project took just a couple of days to build. The closet under the stairs was the right place, so Stella would have all of her things in one place.

Kelsey said:

So, I thought the closet was perfect, roomy enough to fit everything and tucked away. Also, she is our furry girl, she deserved her own little room!

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For the couple, this has been one of their funniest and easiest projects to build, and they were also highly motivated. As soon as the room was finished, Stella’s parents were really excited, they hoped that she would love it and luckily the cat loved every corner.

Kelsey says:

She is not very picky about decorating her. One of the easiest DIY projects we’ve ever done, and it’s a great talking point when people come by!

Beautiful spoiled cat

Stella knows that her parents adore her and that she is the center of attention in her home, and she really enjoys having so much attention and her special space.

Her mother added:

She loved it and instantly knew it was her room. When she’s excited, she scratches on her scratcher and rubs against us, and that’s exactly what she did. She had no trouble learning that she was her space and she probably brags about it to all of her cat friends.

Couple builds beautiful bedroom for their cat

Stella enjoys her new bedroom, but she still follows her parents everywhere, and if they decide to spend time on the second floor, she joins them. However, when they spend time on the first level, the cat prefers to be in the comfort of her spacious room where most of her things are perfectly located.

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Although some people find it inappropriate to have her food and litter box in the same space, this is how Stella has always liked it. She has her water bowl away from her food and if she doesn’t like something about her she knows how to make herself understood.

Couple builds bedroom for their spoiled kitten

Stella’s parents are very happy to see her enjoy her space, and to know from her that she loves her bedroom; she is her darling.

Kelsey added:

I know she can’t tell us, but cats are picky, if she didn’t like it, we’d know.

Images – Videos: Instagram / TikTok

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