A Couple Builds A ‘Train’ To Walk Their Rescued Dogs

couple builds train dogs walk

This couple built a dog train and every day they walk around their neighborhood with all their happy pets.

Alice Johnston and her husband, Paul, moved to Lehigh Acres eight years ago. The couple spent years running an animal rescue center in Costa Rica. On their return the family did not move alone, they brought more than a dozen dogs into their care, all rescued from the street.

On Friday nights, just before sunset, without fail on the roads around Lehigh Acres, neighbors can hear a pleasing sound, it’s the joyful chorus of happy canines on a particular ride.

On time, a dog train hits the streets just to brighten up the lives of its adorable passengers.

A couple builds a “dog train”

Couple builds a train for dogs

Alice Johnston told The Dodo:

We have so many dogs, of course, we couldn’t walk them all or put them in the car to walk them. So, my husband built a train so we could take them out, around the community. He pulls the train with a lawnmower and I cycle behind him to keep an eye on things, to make sure they’re safe.

The idea for the train, known as the Wonderland Express, was inspired by a Texas man who built a train for his dogs. And it seems the Johnstons’ dogs love it, though they’re not the only ones excited.

Alice added:

The dogs are very excited. They love it. They love it. They know it’s Friday better than us. It’s amazing how they know.

puppies go for a walk

The woman also said:

My husband has signs all over the train encouraging people to adopt and not buy. There are so many homeless dogs and they make wonderful pets. Anything we can do to encourage people to give a luck to these dogs, we are happy to do so.

Couple has a dog train

The couple have no plans to advertise their dog train, but they are very happy that people are happy to see it. For them, it’s about making their dogs happy and getting everyone to adopt them.

Finally, Alice says:

It is a great joy for us to know that the dogs have a second chance. And it really gives us satisfaction to know that we are giving our dogs a good life.

Images / Alice E. Herrick


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