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The couple decided to separate. However, it was the dog who suffered the most from the breakup.

The young woman’s dog has become very accustomed to her partner. The couple spent every free moment together and with their pet. Unfortunately, their feelings faded. The animal watched as the man walked out of their lives. His sad eyes and hunched ears made the breakup even harder.

The decision to break up also affects our pets

Separation is a difficult experience not only for the couple and their immediate family, but also for the animals. In addition to the difficult issues related to separation, such as division of assets, there is also a decision about what will happen to your beloved pet.

Dogs become attached very quickly, and that alone makes the idea of parting with not only a loved one, but also a loyal pet, twice as painful. However, there is no cure for feeling exhausted. The dog could only watch as the owner he loved packed up and moved. The animal’s emotions are visible in the video posted by the young woman.

The recording has millions of views. The situation didn’t just affect the dog’s owner

The video posted by the young woman only lasts 22 seconds. However, this time is enough to see how much the animal suffers when it sees its owner packing, and this does not mean a joint vacation. A sad look and arched ears say more than a thousand words.


Sobbing uncontrollably while making this video

♬ Sad song by piano and violin(886018) – NOVA

Finally, the man says goodbye and pets the dog. He knows that this breakup will not be easy for them. The sight of the sad animal touched not only its owner, but also the hearts of Internet users. The recording has over 10 million views.

When you separate, you must ensure the comfort of your pet

As with humans, time heals all wounds. However, remember that you cannot explain the situation to an animal. It is therefore very important that the caregiver be alert to any unusual behavior.

The animal simply misses and does not understand why its herd has become smaller. More walks and increased attention and care can help your dog get through these difficult times. Thanks to his companionship, it can be much easier for the guardian during this difficult time to have the love that his beloved pet gives him.

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