Couple Heard Kittens Cry In A Trash Can And Knew They Had To Help

couple hear kittens crying trash can

Taking a leisurely stroll, Luke Hewick and Lauren Hartley, a couple from Hull, England, decided to take a different path than they usually take. As they passed by a trash can, the faint sound of two crying kittens caught their attention.

The couple looked around; Luke turned, but saw nothing until Lauren realized the sound was coming from that trash. He saw something move inside a large bag and immediately told his partner to investigate more closely.

Luke, in an RSPCA report shared with Love Meow, said:

Normally we wouldn’t go in that direction, but Lauren said we should just for a change. We had stopped nearby to pet a friendly cat and then continued walking when we heard a few small meows so I thought the cat had followed us.

Couple heard kittens cry in a trash can

Little rescued kittens

When the couple opened the bag, they realized there was another bag tied inside. When they opened it, they found inside two little kittens huddled and very scared trying to warm themselves in their bodies. The day before there was a strong storm and the kittens were shaking with cold.

Immediately, Luke walked over to the house for some towels. The friendly couple then covered the tabby kittens and brought them home. They contacted the RSPCA and offered to take care of the cats overnight.

Adorable tabby kitten

The little kittens were so happy to be safe and warm, as well as finally having a full tummy. It didn’t take long for their personalities to emerge and claim the sweet couple’s home as their own.

Luc said:

We were happy to take care of them, but they quickly beat us. I think it’s fate that we walked this road and met the kittens and were meant to have them.

Kittens crying trash can

For its part, the RSPCA has launched an investigation into what happened to the kittens and hopes to find the person responsible for the abandonment of the little ones soon. The kittens, who are just over eight weeks old, were named Roscoe and Lyla.

The playful boys enjoyed every corner of their home and became very attached to their new family. They run around the house and enjoy the petting and treats of their favorite humans.

Kittens playing

Quite excited about their new tenants, Luke and Lauren bought some cute toys for their beloved kittens, but soon discovered their preferences; They are especially attracted to cardboard boxes and these are their little strengths, they like to fiddle with them most of the time.

These adorable kittens no longer have to worry about food or a place to sleep, they can now run around the house like they own it. They don’t hesitate to ask for the attention of their humans and like to climb on their shoulders to get closer.

Finally, Luke added:

We are proud owners of these two little ones. We certainly think we found them for a reason. They will certainly live happy lives with us.

Images: Luke Hewick

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