A Couple Saves A Greyhound Exploited In Races By Giving Him A New Life

couple saves greyhound exploited dog racing

The only job dogs should have in this world is to give love and be reciprocated, even so there are people who believe that they can abuse them by using them as a source of money through the betting bias, among the most famous, dog racing.

Paul, a greyhound dog had to suffer for years from being exploited for industry, but today he has another chance.

A couple saves a greyhound exploited in races by giving him a new life

couple saves greyhound exploited dog racing

When the state of Florida decided to end dog racing in 2020, it was hoped that these animals would have a new, more relaxed and easier life, but for Paul, it’s still a process that doesn’t end. After his “services” in the betting world, his owner abandoned him and, having had no contact with other humans, they thought he was a violent dog.

Luckily, Holden decided to try it out at home and together with his girlfriend, Elizabeth, they tried to rehabilitate him. The first thing was to teach him to walk.

Paul has spent his entire life sleeping and running on concrete, so at first his deteriorated legs couldn’t hold on to other surfaces. The first attempts were difficult because they stressed the animal, although nothing is impossible if you put in the effort.

couple saves greyhound exploited dog racing

The second thing was to get him used to other humans and animals. Taking him out on the street was complicated since everything was unknown to him and almost a threat. Vehicles, pedestrians and even small dogs are things he had to adapt to.

Paul’s last run was in December 2020, after which he was coldly dumped until January 6, when Holden gave him a home.

couple saves greyhound exploited dog racing

Now the greyhound has become a celebrity. From a temperamental and somewhat aggressive dog, he has become a domestic puppy who loves photos for his Instagram.

He enjoys accompanying Holden and Elizabeth while they work from home and wearing their clothes when it’s cold, as he’s also become a fan of neighborhood outings.

couple saves greyhound exploited dog racing

Paul’s long process still has a ways to go, he continues with some racing instincts, but not all the progress would have been possible without the help of his owners, who had to treat him like a real baby at the beginning to bring him back to learning again, in his new life.

Images: Instagram /riskitallpaul

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