A Couple Takes Care Of End-Of-Life Dogs, Giving Them Unconditional Love

couple takes care of dogs end lives giving them love

This extraordinary couple takes care of dogs at the end of their life and takes care of bringing them love and affection so that they can enjoy their last days.

Michele and Jeff Allen are a couple residing in a huge six-acre home in Southampton, New Jersey, and they take in senior dogs, many of whom need a home to enjoy their last days in peace. They have focused on caring for these dogs since 2010, spending their time accompanying and comforting them as they approach the end of their lives.

The couple look after the dogs at home, where they say there are no rules, meaning even children’s beds, as well as any nook, are allowed for dogs. There, the furry treats get cuddles and cuddles from volunteers while they can play outside all they want.

At Monkey’s House Dog Hospice and Sanctuary, the dogs receive home-cooked meals daily, and they receive frequent visits to the vet. Keep in mind that most of these dogs come from difficult pasts, so this sanctuary is practically heaven on earth for these furry animals.

A couple takes care of end-of-life dogs

senior dog sanctuary

Monkey’s House, a Dog Hospice & Sanctuary is supported by local volunteers who help care for the dogs. It’s not an easy task, as many dogs are blind, deaf, have severe heart murmurs, have difficulty walking or other ailments, but every task within the shelter is done with love.

Man takes puppy for a walk

Michele and Jeff helped as many adult dogs as possible. This includes the deceased monkey, from which the name of the sanctuary comes.

Monkey was a small dog who suffered from heart problems. When Monkey passed away, the Allens found the inspiration to start the organization. At the sanctuary, many dogs suffer from various illnesses, from heart problems to diabetes to cancer.

Senior Sanctuary Dog

Michele says shelters don’t really have a lot of money set aside for older dogs, so they call the sanctuary to adopt them. There have been instances where they adopted dogs just so they could get better veterinary care.

Couple cares for dogs at the end of their lives

Michelle told the Ron Project:

As dogs die, they also live and have very specific needs. And there’s no support for that, there’s no funding for veterinary care, there’s no funding for anything.

Adult puppy receives his therapy

The Allens and volunteers make sure all of their dogs know what it’s like to be treated with love. Without his work, many dogs would die in shelters without knowing how beautiful life is in a loving home.

boy and dog playing

Treating any of the canine health issues is very expensive and the foundation is virtually dependent on outside donations. A dog food company also helps by donating over 60 pounds of food each week.

Adult puppies from a sanctuary

The sanctuary also has 50 amazing volunteers who dedicate their time to helping the couple, caring for the dogs every day. These furry sweethearts may be nearing the end of their lives, but thanks to the team inside the sanctuary, they can sit back, relax, and go about their days in peace and surrounded by love.

Images: Facebook / Monkey’s House Dog Hospice and Sanctuary


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