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A couple went to the shelter to adopt a cat and came out with three

The loss of their beloved cat was an unimaginable blow for the couple. Tara and Steve could no longer stand the emptiness in their home, which only increased their desire for the familiar cat and the fluffy fur they could snuggle up to at any time of the day or night. Just when they thought they were ready for another cat, life unexpectedly wrote them a new script. The visit to the shelter ended completely differently for them than they had initially planned. The employees of the establishment made them an offer they could not refuse.

The emptiness after the loss of the animal was unbearable

After losing a pet, many caregivers decide to give another creature a home. Sometimes the decision is made immediately, other times it takes time to accept thoughts of the previous pet’s death and open your heart to a new family member. Our decision is often influenced by the animal’s similar appearance to that of our former friend. We see it as another incarnation of our beloved dog or cat and, driven by emotions, we take the animal under our roof.

Tara and Steve called the animal shelter after seeing a photo of a cat that looked a lot like their beloved 18-year-old cat, Jackson. Unfortunately, their favorite crossed the Rainbow Bridge and the couple could not cope with the emptiness that appeared in their home. In turn, a tabby cat named Shadow has long been waiting for the moment when he will turn the shelter’s cattery into his own home.

couple went shelter adopt cat came out with three

Tara and Steve felt sad and depressed at the thought of returning to their apartment where no one was waiting for them. They hoped that soon the void left by their cat would be filled by a new family member. This happened quickly, although not everything went as planned.

The chosen cat turned out to be perfect. He stole their hearts

A few days after applying to adopt Shadow, Tara and Steve received a call back from the shelter to set up a pre-adoption visit to meet the cat they had chosen. The delighted couple prepared everything for the arrival of a new pet at home, from the carrier to the toys and the food. On their way to the shelter, the volunteers suggested that there were still many cats waiting for homes and that if they had the conditions, they might be able to adopt more than one cat.

couple went shelter adopt cat came out with three

After arriving there and spending the first few moments with the cat, the couple thought they had found the perfect place. The cat stole their hearts in a second. They knew the kitten was going to come home with them. Sure, of their choice, they asked the employees about the possibility of adopting a second cat.

There were other cats waiting for homes at the shelter. The couple decided to rethink the decision

The cat guardian took them to another room and showed them a brown and white cat named Poco, who was constantly watching them. As soon as Tara picked him up, the cat placed his head between her neck and shoulder and started purring loudly. He clung to her with his whole body and had no intention of letting go.

couple went shelter adopt cat came out with three

Suddenly, a third cat named Pony started rubbing against Tara and Steve’s legs. This magnificent brown cat didn’t want to feel left out. Smart animals knew what to do to attract potential owners. They put on a wonderful show of cat love for people. Before the couple knew it, there was not one, but three cats competing for their attention. Tara and Steve were faced with an important decision.

The family has grown considerably

The couple couldn’t deny their love for cute cats. Instead of going home with just one hum, there were five of them in the car. The three cats were adopted by them and were heading to their new homes. Tara and Steve organized everything for the new residents in two days. All three get along perfectly.

couple went shelter adopt cat came out with three

The kittens were given new names: Chirp, Flynn and Riggs, and their owners received a triple dose of feline love. Even Chirp, who has lived more than the other two, realizes that he is loved and safe. Tara and Steve don’t regret the decision they made. Their house was finally filled with the sound of cats purring again.

We are very much in love with all three guys and we really feel like we are meant to be together, they admit proudly.

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