This Dog Who Was Abandoned For Having A Crooked Face Is Happy Again

crooked face adopted dog

This dog is finally adopted although his mother left him with a twisted face, after attacking him when he was only 13 days old.

Most people pay attention to the physical appearance of others. The same thing happens when choosing a four-legged friend, some put their appearance above before knowing their interior.

We should be like our pets, they never judge, they accept others as they are, they enjoy life regardless of their conditions and the most important thing is that they love us.

Fortunately, not everyone is like that, there are some people who do not judge by physical appearance but by the heart and personality of each person.

Crooked-faced dog is adopted

Brodie on the couch

Amanda Richter and Brad Ames are such people. They decided to adopt a puppy named Brodie, despite his crooked face.

Brodie is finally adopted into his new home

The dog, a mix of German Shepherd and Border Collie, was attacked by his mother when he was just 13 days old, a situation that not only disfigured his face but also left him partially blind.

When the couple first saw him during a visit to the Old MacDonald Kennels shelter in Alberta, Canada, they knew his quirky features were meant for them and immediately embraced him.

Brodie in the snow

It was like love at first sight, they loved how he perceives life with joy, for this reason they decided to document on different social networks how funny Brodie is.

Now the dog has an Instagram account, where he shares different videos of Brodie’s daily life.

Brodie is finally adopted

Users are shocked and in love with the dog’s attitude, with many saying they wanted to see photos from their childhood, a wish the couple fulfilled.

They posted Brodie’s photo as a little boy and added the following:

Many of you have been asking what Brodie looked like as a puppy…so here he is! Thanks to his former family for reaching out and showing us how adorable he was as a baby!

The dog had a family before, but they decided to send him back to the shelter because they couldn’t control the puppy’s endless energy.

Over time, photos and videos of Brodie have gone viral, with people commenting on how special he is and how he sets an example for us to overcome.

Brodie and his ball

The couple use it to encourage others to adopt and rescue pets in need, especially the “rare” ones who deserve and express as much love as anyone else.

The couple posted:

We hope all of this recognition helps others make the decision to rescue and adopt, especially the ‘less than perfect’ animals! Thanks for all the love! Support your local rescuers and shelters guys!

Images: Instagram / bestboybrodie


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