She Just Wanted To Cut The Dog’s Claws, But His Reaction Deserves An Oscar. There Is Also A Master Of The Second Plan

cut claws dog reaction deserve Oscar

Some dogs, to put it mildly, dislike grooming activities. Even seemingly non-invasive activities to the animal’s eyes can be extremely distressing. Moreover, in the opinion of many pets, they are an unnecessary annoyance. This Labrador would do anything to leave his claws alone, as can be seen by observing this animal’s signature role. The cat’s reaction also adds to the comedy.

Some animals can show their dissatisfaction with the situation very clearly. Even the best actors can envy their talent!

Small actions, but great reluctance. Labradors hate having their claws cut

Regular claw trimming is an element of care for the comfort of your dog’s life. However, some quadrupeds do not share this opinion. From the point of view of many dogs, this type of activity is real ordeal. It does not necessarily have to be a possible pain resulting from a claw that is too short. It happens that a given individual simply does not like to touch the paws very much. After all, those are his paws and no one else’s!

A dog actor or just a panic attack?

A perfect example of a dog’s reluctance to deal with activities is the hero of the video below, an adult Labrador. You can see he is trying very hard to come to terms with the inevitable torment, he sits politely in one place. At the same time, he is literally unable to keep a cool head! From his point of view, it’s a real torture!

When the owner lifts a paw from the dog, he is doing something unexpected. Labrador passes out dramatically, collapsing to the floor! This dog’s reaction is worthy of an Oscar.

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The feline individualist has more important things to do…

The protagonist in the background has a vastly different opinion of the drama unfolding before his eyes. The cat definitely sees no reason to show support for the distraught Labrador.

Maybe the dog in the video is a born “drama queen” so this view is nothing special for a cat? Quite possible. We think, however, that the cat might well have been filled with peace that no one (thankfully) was interested in its claws. However, if you are looking for information on how to clip your pet’s nails safely, we refer you to our article.

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