Cyclist Finds A Puppy On The Side Of The Road And Changes His Life Forever

cyclist puppy side road changes life

While Annie Dietze and Pablo Villamayor, a cycling couple from Paraguay, were riding a route as part of their training, in a rural area, something caught their attention. In the distance they saw a vehicle stop, immediately its driver got out, threw a white bag and drove away again in his vehicle from that place.

Pablo and his wife had no idea that the scene they witnessed would change their lives completely; The couple approached the place where the strange vehicle had stopped minutes before, and when they approached the bag, they were grateful for being at the right moment to save a defenseless puppy.

Pablo told The Dodo:

We realized that he was a dog. He got out of the bag and came running towards us, crying. We stopped.

Cyclist sees a puppy on the side of the road

cyclist puppy side road changes life

The athlete put it on the handlebars of his bicycle, trying to accommodate him with the bag in which he was found, and in this way, they transferred him with them. Of course, the sweet and fearful puppy won the hearts of the couple who finally decided to adopt him.

They named him Lorenzo, because of the place where he was found. Despite the difficult and painful experience, the puppy is very sweet and in a short time he has stolen the hearts of many people.

cyclist puppy side road changes life

For Pablo, the very idea of ​​abandoning a defenseless little animal is something inconceivable; he does not understand why someone would dump a defenseless creature as if it were garbage on the edge of a path to his fate. Fortunately, he and his wife witnessed everything that happened and were able to realize the great treasure that that bag was hiding on the road.

cyclist puppy side road changes life

Of course, the admirable act went viral on social networks and many people congratulated the couple of athletes for not abandoning the puppy abandoned that day to his fate.

Finally, Pablo added:

“I felt bad seeing the cruelty of the people. But we were lucky to have found it. Fate wanted Lorenzo to be here with us”.

Images: Pablo Villamayor

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