The Dachshund’s Head Looked Like A Balloon, But No Bite Was Visible. An X-Ray Revealed The Terrible Truth

Dachshund Head Looked Like A Balloon

A 4-year-old dachshund named Trevor was admitted to Beech House Veterinary Center in Warrington with swelling in his body. The owner and vets were amazed when the animal’s head tripled in size overnight. With each breath, the dog’s body swelled with air. Only the X-ray revealed what caused such a drastic change in the appearance of the quadruped.

The dachshund looked like an inflatable toy. His head has tripled in size

One morning Fran Jennings, 49, from Cheshire, left her bedroom and walked into the living room where her beloved dachshund Trevor was waiting. To his surprise, the pup looked more like a seal than a dog due to the swelling of the head. The short-legged animal, sporting a muscular and disproportionately long torso, appeared to be three times its normal size.

Dachshund Head Looked Like Balloon

Every second, the woman grew more and more terrified, and her fears were fully justified. A resident of Great Britain had difficulty indicating where the animal’s neck began and the head began, so she immediately packed the dog in a carrier bag and took him to the nearest veterinary clinic. close.

Staff at Beech House Veterinary Center couldn’t believe their eyes as a distraught Jennings ran through the building holding his dog. Upon careful examination, Trevor’s body showed no visible signs of insect bites or reptile bites, which could explain the swelling. It was therefore decided to X-ray the animal to check for any trauma to the airways or esophagus.

Based on x-rays, Trevor was diagnosed with subcutaneous emphysema caused by a hole in his trachea. The dachshund was so “bloated” with air that his heart did not stick to the sternum. How did the injury occur? No one could answer that question, and Trevor didn’t let out a breath either.

“Each time he breathed in, some of the air he inhaled escaped through a hole in his trachea around the muscles and fatty tissue under the skin,” says veterinarian Michelle Coward, as quoted by the Daily Mail. . – Surgery was the only way to repair the injury, but due to its location, the risk of complications was high. I had never encountered such a case before and it was completely new to me.

The condition of the animal was so alarming that it was decided to admit Trevor outside the opening hours of the clinic and to carry out a cito operation.

The ‘puffy’ dachshund has become a star in the UK

However, the operation was successful and the doctors managed to sew up the hole in the respiratory organ. Trevor, restored to normal size, was able to return home accompanied by his babysitter, and the subject of the dachshund needing to be deflated was picked up by the British and overseas media.

The animal was the subject of a medical publication in the British service VetTimes. The operation should have no long-term impact on his health, and the four-legged star has long forgotten about the adventure at the vet. Jennings admits that the dachshund often gets into trouble, hence his nickname Tricky Trevor [pl. Crafty Trevor]. Although he happens to be cheeky, at least under the supervision of specialists, he behaved like an exemplary patient!

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