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A dad’s sweet reaction when he receives the gift he always dreamed of (VIDEO)

My daughter gave me a puppy as a birthday surprise! Dad was so happy that he held him and said: I love him. The heartwarming photo made internet users cry.

There are many videos on the Internet showing children receiving puppies as gifts, and the images are usually very heartwarming and touching. A well-known netizen recently posted a video, in which she filmed herself giving her father a Labrador puppy as a birthday present this year. The father, who is almost middle-aged, saw the adorable Labrador tied with a ribbon. Picking up the puppy, he immediately showed a bright and incredible smile, and even held the puppy in his hands and said “I love it!” His satisfied look moved all the family members present.

He received a puppy as a birthday present! Daddy holds and caresses tenderly

The father always wanted to have a chocolate-colored Labrador Retriever puppy, but was never satisfied. But on his birthday, his children decide to give him a nice gift. While the man is sitting on the couch watching TV, the son comes with a basket in his hand and brings it to his father.

dad sweet reaction gift brown Labrador puppy
Instagram / @pubity

As seen in the video uploaded by Tiktok user @Kelseyhayes._, the father first gasped when he saw the puppy in the basket, then slowly and gently held the puppy in his arms and l petted, then surprised and delighted, he couldn’t help but shout “I love it!” The puppy in his arms was tied with a red ribbon, and he opened his eyes to observe the surroundings. The atmosphere was quite warm.

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The girl said in other videos later uploaded that her father had named the new dog “Ruger.” A few days after getting acquainted, the dog “turned into Moggies” in an instant.

They sleep together, but they had already cultivated it through play. They have a great tacit understanding and even wrote in the post: “It’s only been two days and they can’t be separated from each other anymore!”

@kelseyhayes._ Replying to @babydoll #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Good vibes

After the video of a netizen’s father receiving a puppy as a gift was posted online, it racked up more than 32 million views, prompting a large number of netizens to leave messages and exclaim: “Dad seems to be a child again! » and “I “It made me cry”, “This is the most heartwarming video I’ve ever seen”, “You can tell daddy’s inner child is super excited.”

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