A dark secret from years ago is revealed when a veterinarian scans the dog’s microchip. It ended in court

dark secret veterinarian microchip
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Maja is a large dog who was adopted. After several years in foster care, it turned out that the dog’s story was much more complicated than everyone thought. A conflict arose that lasted for years and ended in court.

The vet discovered the secret of the adopted dog

Maja is an exceptionally beautiful and friendly dog. No wonder she didn’t spend much time at the animal shelter. A family quickly found a family who decided to adopt him.

In this way, the dog found herself in a new home and lived among people with whom she eventually fell in love, just as they loved her. However, their joint romance was recently interrupted by unexpected news.

Maja’s guardians accompanied her to the veterinary office for a routine check-up. During this, the doctor discovered something that no one expected. Especially after all these years.

The adoptive family fought for the animal

It turned out the dog had an implanted chip. It was not easy to find because it was either poorly implanted or had moved under the skin over time. However, after reading it, there was no doubt about Maja’s real fate.

Database data assigned to her number indicates that Maja was stolen a few years ago and has been wanted by her original owners ever since.

The dog’s adoptive guardians were shocked. They swore they had taken her in legally. Apparently, they followed all the procedures imposed from above. They had no intention of giving their beloved pet to anyone. Finding the chip didn’t change anything in this context.

The court took sides

When Maja’s original owners learned that she had been adopted by another family, they began demanding her immediate return. This is how a conflict broke out which lasted several years.

Neither side wanted to give up. Maja has been invaluable to both her first owners and the adoptive family. There was no question of compromise. The matter was therefore taken to court.

After several months of fighting and several trials, the verdict was in. The court ruled that her original owners had the right to care for Maja. So the dog, stolen eight years earlier, finally returned home safe and sound.

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