A Deaf Puppy Invents His Own Way Of Communicating

deaf puppy invents his own way of communicating

This is why dog owners should consider that when adopting or caring for a furry animal, they may be a little different.

The deaf puppy surprises everyone with his adorable silent barks

And it is that if we talk about different furry ones, we want to introduce you to Reese, an adorable puppy who does not let his hearing limitation stop him. Reese was adopted just over a month ago by Samantha Ramos and her husband.

deaf puppy invents his own way of communicating

The couple have experience with furry ones, at home they have another dog named Roxx, so when little Reese arrived at their home, they quickly noticed that she was very different.

While it’s not always easy to spot the signs that a puppy is deaf, the most notorious is when they stop responding to sounds or commands. And that’s exactly what Samantha and her husband noticed in the puppy. In this regard, Ramos told The Dodo:

“She didn’t seem to be responding to anything he said. We suspected she was deaf. I took her to the vet and he confirmed it.”

deaf puppy invents his own way of communicating

Given the dog’s hearing problem, Ramos adjusted the training so she could adapt. However, she ended up being completely surprised when she noticed little Reese was looking for a way to do or fake the basics of a puppy: barking.

It all started one day when Ramos was at home with Reese and Roxx, the two furry ones started playing.

deaf puppy invents his own way of communicating

As expected, Roxx between adventure and fun started barking playfully at her little sister, to everyone’s surprise, Reese wasn’t far behind and was looking for a way to react. Except she didn’t make the typical puppy bark, Reese didn’t make a sound.

Luckily, Ramos decided to make a video showing his adorable furry bark quietly and shared it on his Tiktok account.

Reese’s adorable and peculiar way of barking has gone viral and has garnered over 41 million views and over 9 million likes around the world.

deaf puppy invents his own way of communicating

Although Reese makes no noise when she barks, she doesn’t need to be loud to attract attention, her kindness, but especially her cunning make her irresistible and completely adorable.

Fortunately, he has his faithful friend Roxx who has been his main guide and accomplice in carrying out all the canine activities.

She also has the unconditional love of her parents who accept her as she is, and more than a different dog, they see her as a special being who came into their lives to fill her with much more love. .

This adorable ball of fur continues to grow by leaps and bounds while finding new ways to communicate.

deaf puppy invents his own way of communicating

“Now he has learned to bark, but he goes back and forth between his silent bark and his loud bark,” Ramos said.

If you suspect your dog has hearing problems, it’s best to go to the vet for advice before diagnosis.

Although there are many myths about deaf puppies that can discourage a person from adopting, encountering negative warnings related to behavioral or aggression issues, you should keep in mind that this type of situation does occur. in all types of dogs, of different sizes and breeds.

deaf puppy invents his own way of communicating

Hearing problems have nothing to do with the behavior of the puppy, it all depends on the owner’s willingness to train and educate the new family member.

This puppy reminds us that being different is not being a stranger to this world, just a very special being ready to love unconditionally.

Images: Tiktok / @oxanne.and.reese

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