Christmas Miracle: Delivery Man Helps Family Find Lost Dog

delivery man helps family find lost dog

Without a doubt, for the owner of the dog, seeing his pet again is a real Christmas miracle, after the animal has left the house.

Slack, 29, was delivering Christmas packages in Turtletown when a neighbor, identified as Paula Odom, alerted him to the disappearance of Pete, his dog Jack Russell Terrier.

pete at home

“Our dog is gone”

“She told me, ‘Our dog is gone’ and he escaped from the porch,” the UPS driver told the FOX Business website.

“I said, ‘We’ll find him,'” said Slack, who then continued to deliver packages, as they usually do.

Odom was nervous about never seeing Pete again, as she feared her dog might get lost in the Cherokee National Forest, located near her home.

“In this forest, there are coyotes, there are bears … my fear was that Pete wouldn’t know what to do in a situation like this and the possibility of us seeing him again was minimal,” Paula admitted. Odom during an interview for the aforementioned site.

Darrell Slack

The owner asked the UPS driver for help

The woman said that after Pete ran away from home, her husband Perry went looking for him, but was unsuccessful.

This is why Odom, when he saw the UPS driver, did not hesitate to approach to ask him for help in locating Pete, he begged him strongly to be vigilant when he was on the road. case he saw his pet.

So Slack continued with the delivery of the Christmas packages, but while visiting an area far from Odom’s house, he saw Pete near the Cherokee National Forest.

Slack walked up to him and offered him dog biscuits, then called out his name, so Pete approached Slack, who took the opportunity to load him into the vehicle.

Darrell Slack and Pete

The driver delivered the dog to its owner

The UPS driver said he always carried dog biscuits in the vehicle, to calm an animal that could interrupt his deliveries, because with this food he calms them.

Images: WRCBtv

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