A Delivery Man Jumped Into A River And Saved A Drowning Dog. He Ended Up Being Bitten

delivery man jumped river rescued dog drowning bitten

Reece Taylor heard the cries for help while cycling near the Wensum River in England, and he didn’t hesitate to go help. “I’m very happy to have helped the family,” he said, despite the dog biting his face during the rescue out of nervousness.

There are those who are committed to doing good deeds despite the costs it may entail. They are those good-hearted people who end up risking their own lives to save the lives of others, because they know that if they let the moment pass, it could all end in something very serious.

This was the case of Reece Taylor, a 27-year-old who could not take it anymore when he heard the calls for help from a man, who was asking for help to save his dog who was drowning in the river. Wensum, in Norwich, England.

A boy jumps into a river to save a dog that later bites his face

delivery man jumped river rescued dog drowning bitten

Taylor, a food delivery man, encountered this situation while riding his bike. The dog in question was Bentley, a huge Cane Corso who had fallen off a boat and was in danger of being unable to swim against the current as he struggled to stay afloat.

The next thing Taylor did was jump into the river to get the dog out of this situation, because he knew he had to act fast. However, he didn’t expect the dog to bite his face because of his nervousness.

delivery man jumped river rescued dog drowning bitten

“I was cycling down the road and saw a woman’s partner in the middle of the road amid cars and morning joggers. I could hear the man say, ‘Please help -me, my dog ​​is going to drown,” Taylor recounted, as reported by Ladbible.

“When I was a kid, my mom was like the local animal shelter: we had dogs, cats, rabbits, a pet pigeon named Swark, turkeys – any animal we had. I knew that I couldn’t pass without helping. So I stopped my bike, undressed on the side of the road, didn’t even hesitate and jumped on it.”

delivery man jumped river rescued dog drowning bitten

Although the dog caused serious injuries to her face, Taylor managed to carry the 60-kilogram dog to a safe place. Most of the bites were in his left eye, so he had to rush to the doctor. However, the young delivery man does not regret anything.

“If I had cycled past and seen the dog drown in the river, I could never have lived knowing that I could have helped. I didn’t even notice the injury while he was in the water, it must have been the adrenaline rush, but he was so scared.” β€œI am very happy to have helped the family and their beautiful dog,” he added.

delivery man jumped river rescued dog drowning bitten

Meanwhile, the family expressed their thanks to Taylor. “We want to thank the brave young man with all our hearts,” the seniors said.

Images: Reece Taylor

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