A Desperate Dog Runs To A Woman In The Woods And Begs Her To Follow Her

desperate dog runs woman road asking for help puppies

Ashley Boggs was driving down a winding forest road in Puerto Rico when she saw the cause of a traffic stop: it was a little brown dog running towards cars, desperately looking for help. When Ashley, who works with Miracles for Satos Rescue, tracked the pup, she quickly realized why she was so desperate: two puppies were waiting by the side of the road, and there were more to be found.

The canine mother had been separated from her litter and was desperately looking for them. Guided by their cries, Ashley drove through the verdant forest until she soon began to make out small faces hidden in its depths.

Eventually, four more puppies were rescued from the woods and reunited with their mother and siblings in Ashley’s car. For several days, rescuers returned to where the canine family had been found to see if there were any other puppies, but that seems to be all.

A desperate dog runs to a woman to help her puppies

desperate dog runs woman road asking for help puppies

After all that happened, Goji (as the dog was called) couldn’t be more grateful to her savior, who got her out of such a terrifying situation. He expressed his thanks with constant hugs and kisses, just like any grateful pet would!

All seven members of the family returned safely to the shelter, where Goji and his puppies were able to play with the volunteers and pull their shoelaces, which became particularly popular with them!

desperate dog runs woman road asking for help puppies

It didn’t take long for two of these adorable puppies to find loving homes. Meanwhile, Goji is patiently waiting for someone to open his heart to him and adopt him and his other puppies: five lucky dogs are waiting for someone who can happily continue their story!

No one will ever know how this family survived such an ordeal, but thanks to Ashley’s timely rescue, this special group of dogs will never have to endure being alone in such harsh conditions again. The video captures every moment of their journey home, and while it might not look like it, they’re actually happier to be together again!

To help other dogs like Goji and their puppies, you can donate to Miracles For Satos Rescue. You can also follow them on Instagram.

Images: Facebook / Miracles For Satos Rescue

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