Cat In Wheelchair And Three-Legged Dog Become Best Friends

disabled cat dog three legs best friends

Rose Mary and Roy Millan are human parents ‘Scooter’ a Siamese cat who needs a wheelchair to get around and ‘Falco’ a puppy that is not one of its front legs, and together they formed a beautiful family in which all support each other.

Since Rose Mary and Roy adopted their two pets, they have helped them with all of their special needs, as Scooter accidentally injured his spine, rendering him unable to move his hind legs and he must therefore use a wheelchair. While Falco also has a disability since since he was found he no longer had any of his limbs.

Despite these limitations, Rose Mary and Roy have always made sure that their pets are as happy and safe as possible, and they have even developed a great sense of adventure, they love to hike and do a lot of hiking. nonsense together every day.

Falco et Scooter

Additionally, Rose Mary is fascinated by the beautiful friendship that has developed between her pets and often captures these moments in photographs and then shares them on social media, where many people also like to see the friendship between Scooter and Falco.

In an interview with Metro UK, Rose Mary said her pets “get along well and love to date. They love to experience the outdoors and are very adventurous. Additionally, the woman said they loved to fight and could even do it all day long.

On the flip side, Rose Mary commented that she and her partner decided to adopt Falco after a mutual friend found him wandering injured on the streets and had been in terrible shape since his member had been amputated but he did not look well and could become infected.

“The vet said the suture of his wound was very bad. From the onset of the injury, it was definitely unprofessional, but we will never know for sure what happened, “he added. Fortunately, thanks to the intervention of the vet, they have was able to help Falco and after a few days his injury was under control.

Later, Rose Mary and Roy thought about finding him a permanent home, but realized that people weren’t interested in adopting a three-legged dog. “Young and healthy animals are always adopted, but not older and less disabled ones,” he said.

Faced with this situation, the couple decided to officially welcome Falco into their home and since then the puppy has formed a very special bond of friendship with all the members of the family, especially with Scooter, who has become his best friend.

Images: Instagram / scooterspath

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