Elderly And Disabled Ukrainians Risk Their Lives To Feed And Save Animals

disabled elderly ukrainians feed rescue animals

A group of elderly and disabled Ukrainians who call themselves Animal Guardians rescue animals abandoned by war.

Although the majority of Ukrainians evacuated the country to take refuge from the war, many elderly people were unable to flee in time. But, just as others have had to face war, these people risk their lives to help abandoned animals.

On a daily basis, they prove again and again that their love for animals goes beyond the limits and they do everything in their power to save them.

Every day, they adventure through the war-torn streets, with the sole purpose of feeding homeless animals. In addition, they rescue and help many of them and provide them with a foster home to protect themselves from the bombardments.

Elderly and disabled Ukrainians save animals

Elders help animals

Many of these heroes share their small homes with dozens of dogs and cats they rescued from the streets in the middle of their missions.

Although most of these elderly people are extremely poor, they don’t mind spending every penny they have to feed the rescued animals. Thanks to their courageous work, this group of people is known as: “Animal Guardians”.

abandoned cat

Network For Animals is an animal welfare organization that learned about the work of this group of people and reached out to them for help.

After talking with Anzhela Sheveleva, a member of the Animal Guardian program, they started working with the sole purpose of helping, feeding and saving animals. However, when they got together and found out who was in the tutor program, they were amazed at the age and bravery of these people.

elderly ukrainians

Network For Animals posted on Facebook:

They are retired – one is 80 – and others are sick or disabled. Some were too fragile to flee when their area was bombed. But every day they brave bullets and bombs for the animals.

Most surprisingly, some volunteers share their homes with more than 100 abandoned or homeless animals who have been rescued.

homeless puppies

Knowing the good work of these people, the organization has extended its financial and supply support, so that they can save even more animals. Additionally, they encouraged their followers to help by donating in any way, either cash or necessary supplies that allow them to continue their work.

The organization wrote:

With your support, we can provide them with the help they desperately need. They are very old people who risk their lives every day because they love animals.

Disabled elderly Ukrainians

Undoubtedly, the organization will ensure that pet sitters get everything they need to continue their wonderful and beautiful work. So no matter how much you can donate, if you do, it will make a big difference to those angels who just want to help animals.

Abandoned dogs

If you want to help animals in Ukraine, you can join the campaign by donating here.

Images: Facebook / Network for Animals


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