Doberman Takes Care Of Orphaned Kitten Like One Of Her Own

doberman takes care orphan kitten

Brittany Callan, who lives with her family in Geneseo, New York, (USA), found a small kitten who had apparently been abandoned by her mother near her husband’s workplace. Without hesitation twice, the woman decided to bring the feline home with her, not imagining that her 4-year-old Doberman dog named Ruby would instantly adopt him.

The adorable dog is nursing a litter of six beautiful puppies born a few weeks ago, and her loving mother’s heart has never refused to feed the orphaned little kitten who desperately needed a mother’s warmth.

Brittany told USA TODAY:

She was made to be the mother of everything.

Doberman dog cares for orphaned kitten

doberman takes care orphan kitten

The family has always had animals of other species in the house, including rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, and Ruby has always treated them with great affection and taken care of each one. Of course, with Ramblin Rose, as the new kitten was called, it was no different.

Brittany told The Dodo:

We’ve had rabbits and guinea pigs, and she licks them like she’s their mother.

doberman takes care orphan kitten

The dog easily accepted the kitten as his own and began to feed and care for it like his other babies, she is a loving girl.

doberman takes care orphan kitten

The little kitten will be cared for by its canine mother for further weeks to ensure that it has the nutrients it needs for its proper development. Of course, Brittany also supplemented her breast milk diet with baby bottles of kitten formula.

Brittany commented:

She just started cleaning it up and taking it off my hands. So, I just opened the kitten’s mouth and put it on Ruby’s smaller nipple, she started eating right away. Ruby looked at him and lowered her head.

doberman takes care orphan kitten

The dual method that the kitten receives seems to have a good effect on its development. Ramblin Rose went from 4.37 ounces to 7.27 ounces in no time. Ruby, on the other hand, does not care only for feeding, the dog makes sure to stay next to the kitten and keep it safe with the rest of her litter.

doberman takes care orphan kitten

As soon as the orphaned little kitten is old enough and healthy enough, it will be happily adopted by a parent of the couple, as the other dogs in the family seem to dislike cats as much as sweet Ruby.

Images: Facebook / Brittany Callan

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