Doctors Had Never Seen A Blue Dog Before. One Look And They Knew Who Was To Blame

doctors had never seen a blue dog before

When the staff at the veterinary clinic learned that their patient would be a blue dog, they were amazed. They thought someone was playing a joke on them. They saw dogs with a blue tongue or blue eyes, but a dog with blue fur was unheard of in the wild. They understood the situation only when they saw the patient on all fours with their own eyes. They immediately knew what had happened to him.

A blue dog came to the clinic. The vets were puzzled

An unusual patient has come to a veterinary clinic in the Galapagos Islands. He amazed all the staff. The reason for the doctors’ surprise was not what was wrong with him, but what he looked like.

A volunteer came in with a strange expression, saying there was a blue puppy waiting outside. The vets weren’t sure what she meant… A puppy with a blue tongue? blue eyes? Or a new type of dog? And then everyone came out to see the dog, which was… painted blue,” Darwin Animal Doctors wrote on Facebook.

doctors had never seen a blue dog before
Darwin Animal Doctors

Doctors nicknamed him Smurf. The blue fur was the result of innocent fun

“Taylor was apparently playing with a bucket of blue paint before the owner found her covered in blue paint and vomiting,” said Tod Emko of Darwin Animal Doctors. “So even though the puppy was named Taylor, he was called Smurf at the clinic.

Although she looked funny, the dog had to deal with the negative consequences of playing with paint. The owners took Taylor to the vet not because of the color of her coat, but because of her health. She had no appetite since she started playing.

“The Smurf came to us two days after the blue paint incident, which was worrying because she continued to vomit blue paint during those two days. No one knew what paint it was, but intuitively, eating paint never ends well.

The toxic paint poisoned the dog’s body

“The Smurf family washed her several times with dog shampoo,” Emko added. “However, even though people’s first instinct is to scratch the paint, we advised the owner not to do that, but to wash it gently and repeat the showers as many times as necessary to remove everything and look like new again a husky.

The owner was patient. He tried to bring the dog back to normal by bathing her several times and giving her the recommended medications. After a few days, he returned to the clinic for a check-up and Taylor seemed to be back to being herself.

doctors had never seen a blue dog before
Darwin Animal Doctors

Her quick recovery amazed the doctors. It was obvious that the owner cared about the dog’s health, and the painting incident was not due to negligence, but only a moment of inattention.

She passed the physical examination with flying colors. The staff started taking pictures with the wonderful baby – said Emko.

doctors had never seen a blue dog before
Darwin Animal Doctors

The dog’s story is a warning to always pay attention to what our four-legged friends are doing.

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