A Dog Who Spent 14 Years In A Shelter Is Very Happy To Have A Home And A New Bed

dog 14 years shelter happy to have a new bed

Stuart has lived his whole life in a shelter, now the 14-year-old dog is happy in a forever home, and with a comfy bed.

Since 2008, Stuart had been living in a shelter, dreaming of finding a forever family. Apparently, the dog arrived when he was a year old, but over a decade had passed and he was still locked in those 4 cold walls of the Friends of Strays, Inc shelter. For 14 years he had been waiting for the ideal someone. comes, save him and show him family life, a comfortable bed and the warmth of a home.

According to The Dodo, Stuart was adopted twice, but both times were failures. Years passed and the friendly dog ‚Äč‚Äčlost all hope of finding a family.

Emily Wozniak, a former employee of Friends of Strays, told The Dodo:

“It really broke my heart to know that there were dogs there for 14, 10, 8, 5 years, like Stuart. So, I posted his story [on TikTok] in the hope of find him a home. “

Senior dog who spent 14 years in shelter is adopted


Thanks to Stuart’s video, people now knew his story, and many couldn’t understand how such a sweet dog could still be at the shelter. There were plenty of people interested in adopting the old dog, but especially Natalie Snyder, who lives five hours from the shelter and is the founder of Repo’s Rescue, an animal rescue center.

Stuart dog

Natalie said:

“I first learned about Stuart through this video showing off his admissions paperwork. Stuart had many potential candidates available to adopt him, but I knew he would be perfect for my home.”

So, she ventured on a trip to meet the older dog, but once she got to the shelter, it looked like Stuart was no longer available for adoption. They didn’t want to hand over the dog because it had lived there all its life. They refused to let Stuart out of the cold kennel, and people in the community couldn’t understand how they could prefer that for the dog to a warm home for the rest of his life, so they never tired of pressuring him. the shelter. Natalie will adopt her.

Stuart adopted

Natalie said:

“They called me a day later when I was back home. They cleared his adoption and I was able to bring Stuart home.”

The older dog is very happy to finally be in a home. You will no longer be uncomfortable lying on the concrete of a kennel, now you have a comfortable bed. You will also not be stressed by the many barkings of other dogs, and you will be able to live your golden age as you deserve.

Stuart bed

Natalie said:

“She loves his orthopedic bed and exploring the garden for bird watching. It’s very moving to watch him transition and live life his own way.”

senior Stuart

Natalie is very happy to enjoy every day with her older dog, showing her that this time her new family will be forever.

She finally said:

“Stuart makes me believe in the goodness of people. It has opened my eyes to what I am capable of and, even more so, what he is capable of. It makes me proud to see him get up every day and trying new things, and being brave despite his past. He really is a wonderful dog.”

Stuart has a home

Apparently, Stuart isn’t the only dog who’s been at the shelter for years, so if you live nearby and want to give another older dog a chance to spend their last days in a loving home, you can reach out. hand or contact the shelter. Friends of Strays, Inc. on Facebook.

To help more animals like Stuart, visit Repo’s Rescue on Instagram. You can also follow updates about Stuart on TikTok.

Images: Natalie Snyder

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