Dog Is Abandoned In An Empty Parking Lot With Nothing But Her Bed

dog abandoned empty parking lot

In a parking lot in Austin, Texas (United States), an adorable dog named Bluebelle waited patiently for someone with a kind heart to help her. The pit bull had apparently been abandoned in an empty parking lot by her family and was only accompanied by her dog bed that protected her from the hot pavement of the parking lot.

When she finally received help from the animal protection officers, the dog abandoned to her fate was devastated and she only looked at her rescuers with sweet and sad eyes. She immediately accepted the treats with excitement directly from the officers’ hands, now she felt safe and was very grateful.

Stephanie McCutcheon, Austin Animal Center volunteer and marketing coordinator, told The Dodo:

You could tell how grateful Bluebelle was to be rescued and brought to the shelter. She drank a lot of water upon arrival and slept a lot in the comfort of her air-conditioned bed for the first two days.

Little dog is abandoned in an empty parking lot

Dog is abandoned in a parking lot

Apparently, Bluebelle is around 9 years old, and suffers from some skin conditions caused by demodex scabies, which caused her to lose fur and her skin to be irritated and red, in addition to being treated for conjunctivitis, the Rescue center personnel are working for his physical and emotional recovery.

Abandoned dog in a parking lot alone with his bed

Stephanie says:

Besides all the health problems, she is happy. She has the cutest smile and even a little energy in her stride. We have a wonderful staff of animal care and veterinarians who have been taking very close care of her.

Dog is abandoned in an empty parking lot

Shelter volunteers were confident that Bluebelle’s recovery would be much faster under foster care, luckily thanks to the dog’s sweet personality, she soon found a loving home.

The director of the rescue center added:

Despite looking in bad shape, her heart is still full and she is extremely welcoming to humans. Recently, she had an encounter with a foster family and her dog, and everything went well, so Bluebelle will be leaving the shelter soon!

Rescued dog

For now the lovely Bluebelle will remain in the care of her host family and as soon as she makes a full recovery, everyone at the shelter hopes that she will be happy in a loving and permanent home where she can live the rest of her loving and caring life.

Images: Austin Animal Center

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