Dog abandoned on armchair and television, thought his family would return for him


The little dog was left like a trash can next to an armchair and a television. But he did not lose hope that they would seek him again.

dog abandoned armchair television

This poor dog was abandoned next to furniture dumped in an illegal landfill by the side of a road in Lincoln County, Mississippi (United States). The poor man did not lose hope that his family would soon return for him, that he did not even realize that he had also been thrown away like a trash can.

dog abandoned armchair television

Sharon Norton, animal control officer, was alerted to this sad scene and immediately went to the place where the dog was waiting on an armchair, near the place where an armchair and a television were also left.

The poor dog was very hungry, but obviously refused to look for food, probably believing that the person who put him there would come back for him at some point.

The dog seems to have been there for a week, according to Sharon, because it was only skin and bone.

The woman approached the dog to assure him that she was there to help him. And for the first time, in a few days, the dog ate.

dog abandoned armchair television

Despite the long wait of the dog, who has not lost hope of seeing his family again, the presence of someone who cares immediately reassures him.

dog abandoned armchair television

Sharon said:

“I was very happy when I picked it up and brought it to the animal control truck. I could feel his tail hitting my back. He knew he was safe now. “

dog abandoned armchair television

The dog is now called “Lazy Boy Gaston”. He was vaccinated and dewormed and is now in the care of the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League.

Once fully recovered, it will be available for adoption.

dog abandoned armchair television

Meanwhile, Sharon is optimistic about justice.

She said :

“I hope someone who recognizes the dog and the recliner sends me a message to help me find the person who did this.”