The dog is adopted. Shelter staff weren’t ready for such an emotional goodbye

dog adopted emotional goodbye

Jax is a dog who has been at the Regina Humane Society shelter for several months. Although the employees of the establishment considered him a wonderful four-legged friend, luck would have it that the adoptive guardians decided to acquire different animals each time. Unexpectedly, the day came when he found a new home. The way he treated the staff was amazing.

Without a doubt, Jax hasn’t had an easy past. The dog arrived at the shelter very emaciated and frightened by the people around him. However, he underwent a great metamorphosis, as a result of which he became the ideal companion. Nor is it surprising that during his stay he became very attached to the people working at the Regina Humane Society.

The dog has spent part of his life at the shelter

Jax ended up at the Regina Humane Society because someone just dropped him off at the door of the shelter. No one knew why its then owner was acting this way, but the animal undoubtedly had a difficult past.

“He was very skinny, so it looked like he was alone for a while. When he came to our house, he was very hungry. We made sure he had everything he needed,” said Bill Thorn, director of the Regina Humane Society.

Although after the examinations carried out by the veterinarian, the animal seemed in good health and there was no indication that it could not be accepted for adoption, soon after everything changed. Jax contracted pneumonia, which required weeks of treatment.

Jax recovered and was ready to be adopted

After several weeks, Jax finally recovered. Then the Regina Humane Society made another attempt to find her a home. Unfortunately, no one was interested in the animal. The manager of the establishment noticed that as soon as a stranger approached the enclosure where the dog was, it immediately began to bark, which effectively deterred potential adoptive guardians.

– He suffered from behavioral frustration. He is a great dog, but he could not break down with people – admits Thron.

Even though the dog had no bad intentions, people who saw him for the first time were simply afraid of him. The employees therefore decided to post a notice explaining his behavior on the fence around him. However, that didn’t help either.

Shelter staff finally found a solution

They want to convince Jax and prove to them that he really is a great dog. The shelter staff had the idea to let him spend some time at the reception. There was also a sponsored adoption campaign to cover all costs related to her adoption.

It wasn’t until several months later that Jax caught the eye of an older man who had experience with dogs. He immediately falls in love with the dog and decides to offer him the best house in the world. However, the employees of the shelter, whose heart he stole, decided to say goodbye to him in a special way. They did not expect the dog to pay back the same.

– When we all heard that Jax was going home, we gathered in the lobby to say goodbye. But we didn’t expect it to stop at every staff member along the way,” Thron recalled.

Fortunately, this situation was captured on a recording made available online. Needless to say, it’s a truly emotional moment.

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