Dog With Separation Anxiety Waits Patiently For His Dad All Day

dog anxiety separation wait for dad all day

This adorable dog named Toby lives with his family in Peru and hates being left home alone, especially when his father has to go out for long periods of time. The dog suffers from separation anxiety and tends to sit on the balcony throughout the day, even into the wee hours of the night staring into the distance, letting out small howls from time to time.

Some dogs may have certain emotional conditions, such as separation anxiety; They will want to be close to their loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if they must be alone for some periods of time, they may feel sad and a little upset.

Apparently during the time that he remains separated from his favorite human, the adorable Toby awaits his return at the same point and as soon as he sees him approaching home again, the dog is immediately invaded by great emotion, happiness and much love.

Dog with separation anxiety waits patiently for dad

dog anxiety separation wait for dad all day

These anxious behaviors can range from simple, sporadic howls to scratching and chewing on objects. Dogs with separation anxiety will grab your attention in every way possible to bring you home with them.

The most dangerous thing would be that our dog tries to escape after feeling alone at home, and it may happen that if he lives in an apartment the entrance door ends up a little affected. If you live in a house and you usually leave your dog in the garden, there is a chance that it will dig a hole in the fence and end up escaping.

In these cases, it is very important to make sure that our dog is in a safe and contained environment when he must remain alone, since due to his anxiety he could hurt himself in his desire to escape.

dog anxiety separation wait for dad all day

For a dog to follow his human around the house when he senses that he is going to leave may be normal, but if he begins to cry, come and go or tremble for no apparent reason; you probably have separation anxiety syndrome.

Psychologist Rebecca Sargisson in her article Canine Separation Anxiety says:

Although most feel emotional attachment to their owners, those with anxiety develop it more than the less anxious.

dog anxiety separation wait for dad all day

In Toby’s particular case, the situation is not so serious, since the canine is never really alone and there is always someone to take care of him. Also, his demeanor is quite calm; according to his family he sometimes howls, but he never tries to escape, scratch, bite or show any destructive behavior.

dog anxiety separation wait for dad all day

He is a very quiet boy who loves his father very much, and he loves to run in the fields, go to the beach and cuddle with his family and be very loved.

Images: Youtube / Spaik_ Toby

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