A Dog Crosses The Fence To Play With The Neighbor’s Children

dog breaks fence play neighbors

This mischievous dog breaks the fence to play with neighborhood children and often visits them all the time, even having his own bed.

Duncan is a mischievous and inquisitive little dog who always likes to have the best in the world at his fingertips. The little 2-year-old Boston terrier is loved by everyone in his neighborhood and of course has his own family and home, but he’s recently discovered something he really loves. He realized that he could play with the children who lived next door whenever he wanted.

Now the curious pup is always sneaking around and will do anything to see his favorite playmates all the time. In the midst of his insistence on crossing to the next house, Duncan broke a fence rail and thus began his regular visits to the Fritts family home.

Duncan’s neighbor Brianne Fritts told The Dodo:

He started digging and pushing loose boards into the fence almost immediately. He does it every time our three children are in the garden.

A dog crosses the fence to play with the neighborhood children

dog looking out the window

The woman says:

He was [here] every day for over a month. He complains that we come to play and we play with him several times a day.

Of course, Brianne’s kids have even decided to create their own space for Duncan to enjoy his visits, he even has his own bed to sleep in when he’s feeling exhausted, since they’ve seen him nap at the house, but without the comfort he deserves.

Dog breaks the fence to play with the neighbors

briane said:

He only comes back when he realizes we’re going to stay the night, or when his owner calls him for a meal.

Dog and children on the fence

Luckily for Duncan, the kids don’t mind his visit, especially since they’ve always wanted to have their own dog at home, so Duncan brings them one step closer to that dream.

Finally, Brianne added:

It was a perfect friendship to help them see what it means to have a dog. Our daily routine was to refresh his water, clean up his messes, play with him, work with him on command and pamper him with treats. Basically, you have a dog without having a dog. They love it.

Images: Instagram / Brianne Fritts


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