A Dog Breaks the Guinness World Record for Longest Ears

Dog Breaks Guinness World Record Longest Ears

Some dog breeds are characterized by their long ears, especially those that belong to the group of scent hounds. As it turns out, these lovely ears aren’t just for appearance purposes, they are also very handy for all those dogs who have to stalk, as the scents stay permeated in their ears and help them work better. And although the world has seen many dogs with long ears throughout history, a dog named Lou just broke the Guinness Record thanks to his.

Dog Breaks Guinness World Record Longest Ears

According to Guinness Book of Records social networks, the longest-eared dog in the world was once Tigger, measuring 13.7-Inch . Sadly, he passed away in 2009, but his place in the book already has a new name. Lou’s, who is a three-year-old dog who lives in the United States and whose ears measure no more or less than 13-Inch! Which makes them the longest in the world.

Dog Breaks Guinness World Record Longest Ears

Lou was adopted by her owner, Paige Olsen, when the girl fell in love with the dog at first sight, in part thanks to her ears. But at the time, I had no idea how long they really lasted. Until the day he decides to measure them and present them to the Guinness agents.

According to their owner, Lou is not disturbed and does not require any special maintenance. Just put them in a hairnet during the winter to prevent them from getting caught in the snow. So, this is a trait that Lou appreciates and that apart from that made her worthy of being in the Guinness Book of Records.

Dog Breaks Guinness World Record Longest Ears

Lou is a black and tan Coonhound dog, and his owner told Guinness that she hopes these fluffy wins, it makes him a part of the story, inspiring other people and pet owners to appreciate the things that make their furry puppies unique. It also sends a message asking dog owners to love them forever.

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