8 Dog Breeds That Quickly Get Fat

Dog Breeds Get Fat obesity

Obesity is a real health hazard for dogs. Even small deviations from the norm are fraught with serious consequences if weight gain is not stopped in time. First of all, in the risk zone of the breed, the anatomical features of which do not allow you to lose weight due to physical activity. Other natural factors also pose a certain threat. For example, a genetic predisposition to be overweight.

Here are 8 dog breeds that are most prone to obesity


Dog Breeds Get Fat obesity Pug

Dogs of this breed usually gain excess weight due to their irrepressible appetite. The secondary causes of obesity in pugs can be hormonal disorders, chronic stress and endocrinological disorders.

Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the muzzle, they cannot run a lot, so the only way to control weight should be a strictly built diet. Pugs are not allowed to have snacks. If the problem of obesity did not arise due to overeating, then the cause should be sought by contacting a veterinarian.

Basset Hound

Dog Breeds Get Fat obesity Basset Hound

These short-legged dogs do not feel complete satiety, and therefore constantly want to eat. Often, compassionate household members feed them with leftovers from their table, which is absolutely impossible to do.

Obesity in Basset Hounds will lead to problems with the musculoskeletal system, which is associated with the special structure of their skeleton. To avoid the problem of excess weight in these pets, the owners need to feed the pets exclusively with dog food. And not to allow them to be given human food.


Dog Breeds Get Fat obesity Dachshund

Representatives of this hunting breed are gaining extra pounds due to a sedentary lifestyle and overfeeding. Dachshunds must be in constant motion in order to get rid of excess calories in time.

Otherwise, they will have problems with the spine, in particular, with the intervertebral discs. Dachshunds must eat strictly on a snacks-free schedule. It is best to teach them to eat dog food, so as not to make them want to eat food from the master’s table.

Labrador Retriever

Dog Breeds Get Fat obesity Labrador Retriever

Excess weight in this breed does not always appear due to uncontrolled appetite or lack of physical activity. Sometimes Labradors are overweight due to thyroid disorders. In this case, hypothyroidism provokes a slowdown in canine metabolism and contributes to an increase in adipose tissue.

Obesity negatively affects the activity and health of Labradors, which leads to the occurrence of various cardiovascular diseases in them. To avoid these problems, you need to feed the dog only twice a day, as well as take walks with it every day for 1.5-2 hours.

English bulldog

Dog Breeds Get Fat obesity English bulldog

The unlimited appetite in these dogs is mainly related to the characteristics of the breed. Also, the cause of obesity in bulldogs can be stress, castration or sterilization, hormonal disorders and a sedentary lifestyle.

Excess weight can provoke a host of health problems for these dogs, from diabetes to a weakened immune system. To avoid these troubles, owners of English Bulldogs should first of all focus on the pet menu, excluding sweet, flour and fatty ones from it.

In addition, with such pets you need to regularly walk and play outdoor games.


Dog Breeds Get Fat obesity Boxer

The main cause of obesity in these dogs is genetic predisposition. Boxers are constantly begging for food, which leads to a violation of their diet. For this reason, adults need to be fed twice a day, but for puppies and pregnant pets, the number of feedings can be increased to 4-6.

Being overweight has a negative impact on boxers’ health, causing bloating, intestinal obstruction, and some heart disease. You can prevent the problem of excess weight with regular exercise and systematic monitoring by your veterinarian.


Dog Breeds Get Fat obesity Rottweiler

Overfeeding and the predominance of fatty and carbohydrate foods in the diet sooner or later lead to obesity in these dogs. With age, Rottweilers find it more difficult to exercise high physical activity, so they simply cannot get rid of extra pounds on their own.

In addition, this breed is prone to hormonal disruptions, which is primarily associated with neutering or neutering of pets. If you do not adjust the Rottweiler’s menu in time and do not pay due attention to their health, then you can involuntarily reduce the length of the dog’s life.


Dog Breeds Get Fat obesity Beagle

Despite the activity of this breed, Beagles are often overweight. First of all, this is due to their metabolism, which is somewhat slowed down by nature.

Such dogs need frequent and long walks, since they were originally bred to hunt small animals. If you ignore active games and do not let the beagles waste their energy, then sooner or later they will begin to gain excess weight.

This, in turn, will provoke a number of diseases that will inevitably take away several years of the dog’s life.

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