Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Dog Breed Center

A huge list of dog breeds with photos.

Choosing a dog breed is a very important task, because you have to live with a dog for the next 10-15 years. Each breed has its own distinctive features, character traits, temperament and appearance. When selecting articles on dog breeds, we try to reflect the characteristics of each breed, the difficulties that you may face when raising or keeping a particular breed of dog. We try not to publish breed standards and breed requirements, as there is a lot of this information on other sites. The section contains a huge list of dog breeds with photos.

To make it easier for you to choose a breed, the section contains photos of dog breeds, although the appearance of a dog does not always determine its character. An important parameter when choosing a dog is its size as well as the original purpose of the breed, you can learn about all this by reading the detailed description of the breed.

Beagle | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The Beagle is a small, robust and audacious and friendly dog, compact and sporty. These dogs have a short, dense and weather-resistant coat, available...

St. Bernard Dog | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The St. Bernard dog is one of those unmistakable breeds, with its enormous proportions and great height. These dogs are muscular with authoritarian and...

Bernese Mountain Dog | Information & Dog Breed Facts

There are few dogs belonging to large breeds, which are distinguished by their soft, affectionate disposition, docile, good-natured characters. The list of such unique...

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