A Friendly Dog ​​Brings His Toys To Each Guest Who Visits The House

dog brings toy guest home

Atlas easily manages to win the hearts of everyone who knows her, as she has a sweet and helpful personality. She is always ready to welcome everyone to her home with her toys.

Atlas is 6, a Labrador mix who was adopted by Kyla Pearce through The Animal Love Foundation after completely stealing her heart with her sweet and friendly personality. This dog has always been characterized by his great politeness, even with each guest or new visitor to his house.

Kyla told The Dodo:

She is very calm and docile. Even people who don’t like dogs tend to like Atlas because she doesn’t bother them.

Friendly dog ​​brings his toy to his house guests

Atlas and his toy

This little dog, in addition to being adorable, is an excellent hostess, she never welcomes her guests empty-handed, while many dogs run barking at the door, she takes care of carrying their favorite stuffed animals as if it was a welcome gift.

Kyla said:

I first noticed the greeting behavior when she was about 1.5 years old. He gets very excited and grabs as many toys as he can.


If caught without a toy, you can almost see his mental calculations of whether to say hello first, then pick up a toy or fetch the toy first. He tends to make a few false starts towards the visitor and then the toy wins.

A lot of people might assume that Atlas wants to play with people and that’s why he brings his stuffed animals to them, but the truth is that his reasons go deeper.

Kyla said:

When he brings you a toy to play with, he puts it in your hand for you to grab. But with the greeting behavior, she’s just holding it and if you try to pick it up, she’ll turn her head to the side. Not to upset you, just a slight change to let you know she wants to keep it.

As Kyla wrote in a Reddit post:

He shows everyone a toy. However, no one takes it. This is for your viewing pleasure only.

Atlas dog

Still, if someone manages to take her toy, she doesn’t get angry like she would with other dogs.

Atlas is very affectionate

Kyla said:

Guests usually think she wants to play and they try to grab the toy. She’s very embarrassed if they manage to grab it and leave to get another toy!

Atlas and his teddy

Atlas is a very intelligent dog, the toys she carries always have a special meaning, for example, when she wears her comforter known as “Apology Pig”, it means 70% that she chewed something while her mother was away.

Kyla’s family decided to give Atlas a new toy, it’s a red and blue dragon, which took on the same meaning as “Apology Pig”. When Kyla sees her dog with this toy, she knows something is waiting for her.

little dog Atlas

Kyla loves Atlas, she’s always happy to see her when she comes home. They are inseparable.

She said :

She is always able to cheer me up. She seems to be breaking down barriers with just about everyone.

Images: Kyla Pearce

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