Video: The dog came close to the baby’s face, but not to say hello. Everything in front of the parents

dog came close to the baby face

Adding a newborn to a family with a pet always brings a little uncertainty about how the newborn will react to the baby. Some dogs or cats are perfectly comfortable caring for a baby, while others may even be offended or jealous of their caregivers’ attention. The dog in the recording surprised everyone, even the owners, with his behavior. Fortunately, everything was recorded.

The dog’s head was right next to the baby’s head

Are a small child and a large dog the right combination? This dispute has been going on for years and you can easily find both opponents and lovers of this connection. The video, which appeared on TikTok, shows a newborn baby, probably only a few days old, and a dog. The animal jumped on the bed to get closer to the child, but his parents were right next to him and in control of the whole situation.

They captured the moment the dog approaches the baby’s face and looks at him with obvious interest. Everything indicates that he was clearly curious about the baby’s pacifier. After a while, he decides to act.

The thief dog runs away with the loot

At one point, the dog is so close to the baby’s head that he touches the pacifier in his mouth with his nose. Then something happens that surprises even the adults who were observing the whole situation. The dog grabs the pacifier in one movement and runs away from the bed with its prey.

The newborn’s face clearly shows that he is very surprised that a four-legged being larger than him stole something that belonged to him. Parents who observe the situation have no choice but to laugh at their pet’s behavior.

Netizens can’t help but admire the dog’s behavior

The recording quickly became an Internet hit. It has reached various parts of the world. TikTok users are excited about how a dog stole a baby’s pacifier. Most of them can’t believe how gently he did it.

But I wonder who took my power;

How gently he did it;

A beautiful dog and a baby too;

God’s trickery – they write.

It’s hard to disagree with the comments above. Without a doubt, when the child grows up, he will have a wonderful four-legged friend by his side.

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