Dog Chained His Whole Life Sees The Sea For The First Time And His Reaction Is Incredible

dog chained whole life sea

Herschel has been chained to a post all his life. His heartless family had neglected and abandoned him, but his life changed for the better.

One amazing thing most of us realize about dogs is the fact that they love life and make the most of any situation, they obviously live in the present. An example of this is Herschel, a German Shepherd who, despite being chained up all his life, loves to live.

Herschel was chained for 5 years, the poor fellow was neglected by his indifferent owners all his life, chained to a post and finally abandoned. The only thing the dog knew was what was before his eyes.

Dog chained all his life sees the sea for the first time

herschel in chains

He was then rescued and taken to a shelter where he began to explore his new surroundings. But the shelter didn’t really care about his needs and the energy he had as a young dog.

When families interested in adopting him came to the shelter to give Herschel a forever home, he showed energy and enthusiasm and mistook it for aggression. It looked like this dog was doomed to spend the rest of his life in a kennel.

Herschel in the car

Luckily, Save Our Shelter recognized what was really in this loving animal’s heart and wanted to give it a try. Rocky Kanaka, the host of Dog’s Day out, worked with his specialists to give him a little adventure.

Save Our Shelter is a television show created by Rocky Kanaka, a humanitarian entrepreneur and founder of DOG for DOG, a company that creates high-quality dog ​​food, treats, toys and accessories made from natural ingredients with for mission to help dogs in need. Their motto is: “You buy, we give, they eat”. And founder of The Dog Bakery, a famous bakery that makes freshly baked dog treats, party cakes, cookies, birthday cakes, and more.

Happy Herschel

The show follows Rocky and his renovation specialists, helping shelters and rescue centers across North America. Each show reveals a metamorphosis of the establishment and tells the story of the adoption of a pet.

They wanted to give Herschel a fun day.

They started with a trip to the mountains so Herschel could enjoy the snow. He loved being outside in cold weather, playing outside and having fun like never before. He also gave some hugs to the kids who loved his energy.

Herschel in the snow

Instead of being stuck in a kennel, Herschel was now able to explore his surroundings and all that had been missing in his life.

Herschel excited when arriving at the sea

Herschel is a happy dog ​​now

That wasn’t the only surprise this dog would experience. It wasn’t long before he got back in the car and they headed out to sea. I enjoyed every inch of scenery along the way.

Herschel and Rocky in the sea

When Herschel finally reached the water, he couldn’t contain his excitement any longer. He couldn’t wait to get in the water and even Rocky was a little nervous to let him go.

When the dog felt the sand under his paws, his joy was too strong to be contained. He loved the freedom he felt, jumping and biting the waves.

Herschel happy in the sea

It seemed that in an instant he was experiencing the world as he had always wanted to.

Watch this video as Herschel experiences the world around him and happily savors what he sees.

Herschel was finally adopted and is now living the life he always dreamed of. In the company of other hairy brothers.

rescued german shepherd

Rocky Kanaka, posted on Facebook:

It was great to meet Kim (his new mom) and see how happy Herschel was right away. You could tell he knew! Herschel’s new home is in Washington State with Kim, his husband and 5 children (3 humans 2 dogs). Herschel will run outdoors with other German Shepherds and live the good life with his new family.

From now on, Herschel will be happy in a loving home for life.

Images: Facebook / Rocky Kanaka


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