Dog Comforts Her Crying Sister By Bringing Her Favorite Toy

dog comforts little sister cries favorite toy

Nick Elliott and his wife brought their baby Macie home after she was discharged from the hospital in early July. They were both very excited to learn that the newborn would be introduced to her older brother, a two-year-old Doberman named Tommy.

The puppy has always been too loving and loyal to his parents, so they expected him to act in the same way with the new member of the family.

Nick told The Dodo:

We have had him with family, friends and children in the past, his whole character changes. He gets on his level and just lays with them, allowing himself to be caressed. He’s so gentle and careful, it must be his natural instinct.

Dog comforts little sister with stuffed animal

dog comforts little sister cries favorite toy

Luckily, the first meeting between the dog and the baby happened as everyone expected and the couple were very happy to witness it.

Before the meeting, the couple settled Tommy on the couch and then let him smell his clothes, then introduced him to little Macie.

dog comforts little sister cries favorite toy

Nick added:

We brought Macie, and she naturally was very curious and kind.

Everything seemed to indicate that he had accepted her, because since he saw her he wanted to be near her, but he did not dare to touch her.

dog comforts little sister cries favorite toy

From that moment, apparently a new bond of love was born between the family, but what they never thought is that Tommy would go further. The dog showed that he also wanted to take care of her and every time her little sister needed something he seemed to be on the lookout to help and encourage her.

Nick commented:

He used to make a sad little moan when she cried for the first few days, but now she has gotten used to all the new sounds and smells, so she is unfazed. She comes by regularly and checks her, wags her tail a little if she’s okay.

dog comforts little sister cries favorite toy

But the most surprising thing was yet to happen, as Tommy, upon hearing her little sister crying over her bottle, decided to do something to calm her down. As her mother was on her way to the kitchen to make a new bottle, the dog decided to comfort Macie by bringing her her favorite teddy bear.

No one knew at the time how the teddy had gotten to Macie’s side, but they were surprised when they checked the camera on the baby monitor.

Nick said:

We went through the recordings after Hayley discovered [the teddy bear] with the baby and we saw what she had done. She was wagging her little tail!

The parents were amazed at the cuteness of the touching moment, but also realized that they have an extra helper to take care of Macie.

dog comforts little sister cries favorite toy

Although it’s only been a month since Macie arrived, everyone feels safe because they know that her older brother will always make her happy.

Images: Nick Elliott

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