This dog couldn’t get over what people had done to him. His body bears witness to the cruelty

dog couldn't get over what people had done to him

Junior is a St. Bernard who, unfortunately, found out on his own how heartless people can be towards helpless animals. When the organization’s rescuers came to pick him up, he was not only terribly emaciated, but also showing signs of abuse, which had clearly been committed by someone.

Unfortunately, Junior is not the first and probably not the last dog victim of degenerates who did nothing for the suffering of a helpless creature. It is no wonder that after the harm he has suffered, it is very difficult for him to recover, let alone trust a man.

The dog was in critical condition

The organization Association coeur à 4 pattes shared on its social media the story of the Saint Bernard, who presented himself in a deplorable state. The information shows that the animal was not only terribly emaciated, but also “eaten alive by fleas”.

The dog was also seriously injured, he had difficulty moving. Due to the many festering and dirty wounds, a very unpleasant smell emanated from him. Rescuers fed and watered him with a syringe as he was unable to do so himself.

A fundraiser to save St. Bernard’s life has begun

The organization was well aware that the fight for the dog’s life would not only require a lot of time and dedication, but also money. For this reason, they organized a fundraiser, from which they planned to cover the treatment costs. Junior had to eat special foods and take a lot of medicine. He spent the first five days on a drip at the vet.

All the staff immediately noticed the sadness radiating from his eyes. He looked like he had let people down and could never trust them again.

He is a dog that needs a lot of affection. We do everything for him, we give the best. We are positive to see his progress. Junior will soon be adopted: a family has been found not far from the association, and the veterinarian will continue the treatment, revealed the founder of the association, Valérie Heriaud.

They did everything to make Junior regain confidence in people

The first few days in the new home were extremely difficult not only for the dog, but also for his guardians. The dog didn’t even want to enter the building, probably because he had never had such an opportunity before. But eventually there was a breakthrough. Junior understood that people mean really well to him.

After a few weeks, he received a visit from representatives of the organization that rescued him. The dog was unrecognizable. He gained weight, the wounds healed and the fur started to grow back. Undoubtedly, it is to the credit of its owners, who have not given up despite many hardships.

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