A Dog Cries When His Owner Has No Choice But To Drop Him Off At The Shelter

dog cries dad has no choice leave him shelter

For the past 11 years, the only home Blue Bear had had was the one provided by his father, but due to life circumstances, that all changed last week. Unfortunately, Blue Bear’s adoptive father had nowhere to go, so he had no choice but to drop him off at the Trenton Animals Rock shelter.

Blue Bear didn’t understand why he was taken refuge and why his father kept crying, so he started barking.

The shelter workers were scared, but Blue Bear’s father told him to sit down and the shelter manager, Danielle Gletow, came.

A dog cries when his father drops him off at a shelter

dog cries dad has no choice leave him shelter

Danielle told The Dodo:

“I walked up to him and he immediately put his head on my waist and let me pet him. It was just heartbreaking.”

She realized that Blue Bear was not aggressive, he was just very confused and sad, because he didn’t understand why his owner had left him there.

dog cries dad has no choice leave him shelter

However, Danielle promised Blue Bear’s father that the dog would not spend the night at the shelter and began looking for a foster family. But Blue Bear was still very sad, desolate and spiritless; he wasn’t with the only family he knew, so he started crying.

Danielle commented:

“We tried to put Blue Bear in a kennel while we got together to make a few calls, but he was very sad. So we took him into the office and he put his head in my lap.”

dog cries dad has no choice leave him shelter

Although he was accompanied, whenever he had the chance, Blue Bear would sit in front of the office door and start crying nonstop.

Danielle added:

“He turned around and he literally had tears streaming down his face. I’m not exaggerating, literal tears.”

Danielle was very emotional, so she told Blue Bear that she wouldn’t leave the shelter until she found a good foster home for him. But at 130 pounds, with severe arthritis in his hind legs and other health issues, it wouldn’t be an easy task to pull off.

dog cries dad has no choice leave him shelter

So, Danielle had the wonderful idea of ​​doing a Facebook Live video of Blue Bear, and the calls immediately started rolling in from all over the country. Luckily, one of the people who saw the video was a woman named Madison, who works as a foster care volunteer for different shelters.

After seeing the heartbreaking video, Madison quickly volunteered to take in Blue Bear and contacted the shelter.

Madison brought Blue Bear home and the dog finally started to relax, he was calmer and he showed some of his sweetness.

Danielle added:

“We put a pillow on the floor, he put his head on the pillow, Madison and I sat with him, we snuggled him up and we hung out a bit.”

Danielle is still in contact with Blue Bear’s father, but the man still hasn’t resolved his issues, so they look for a home for the dog.

dog cries dad has no choice leave him shelter

In a latest update from the shelter on its Facebook account, the shelter posted that Blue Bear is now in good health, so he is ready to find a new family.

dog cries dad has no choice leave him shelter

Maybe Blue Bear’s future is still a little uncertain, but one thing is for sure, there will be no more reason to cry.

If you are interested in adopting Blue Bear, you can apply here.

Images: Facebook / Trenton Animals Rock

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