This Dog Couldn’t Stop Crying At The Shelter And Now He’s So Happy About His Journey To Freedom

dog cry shelter now happy

Unaware of his fate, this dog’s days in a California shelter seemed numbered. Knowing that the sweet little dog was likely headed for euthanasia, he curled up inside himself and shivered in fear as tears streamed silently down his face.

When the Ozzie and Friends Rescue team learned of Hogan’s fate, they knew their mission was to find him before time ran out. Fortunately, they put it in good hands with them. Although her safety was guaranteed, one last hurdle remained: finding a loving family to call home.

As he walked away from the shelter towards his newfound freedom, Hogan beamed with joy and showed his gratitude by showering everyone with affectionate licks. He was glad to have a second chance.

The dog kept crying at the shelter and now he is happy on the loose

dog cry shelter now happy

For three long years, the pit bull waited patiently at a rescue center for his true companion to come and pick him up. He was an enthusiastic boy who loved outdoor activities, but unfortunately, he didn’t get along with other animals, scaring off potential families who found him unsuitable. His dreams of finding a new best friend seemed destined to never come true.

In 2021, Hogan was placed with an adoptive mother, the caring Evelyn Pérez-Benítez. To his surprise and delight, they quickly formed an unbreakable bond; As soon as she met him, she knew he was her perfect partner.

Evelyn told The Dodo:

“I absolutely fell in love with him.”

dog cry shelter now happy

No longer confined to the straits of his kennel, Hogan now enjoys outdoor activities like swimming and hiking with his beloved mother.

dog cry shelter now happy

Evelyn found that becoming a mother to Hogan opened her eyes to the prejudice pit bulls face in shelters and in society. They are often overlooked or mislabeled as dangerous creatures. But now he is happy to give this dog exactly what he deserves: a good life!

dog cry shelter now happy

Evelyn never imagined her journey with Hogan would be final, but now she realizes that life without him is inconceivable. She is dedicated to providing her dog with all the things he could only dream of before they got together.

Finally, Evelyn said:

“I’m doing everything I can for him. I want to give him the best life possible because he’s my family.”

Images: Instagram / _hulkhogan_

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