Dog Refuses Food Until She Makes Sure Her Puppies Are Safe

Dog did not want food until puppies safe

When a group of children playing near a construction site discovered six little puppies, a few days old, huddled together alone, they knew they had to help them. They decided to take them home and start bottle-feeding them, not realizing that their mother had just come out looking for food and her babies were missing.

The children realized that the puppies probably needed more professional care than they could provide, so they contacted Hope for Paws, a rescue group in Los Angeles who quickly agreed to take care of the puppies.

The dog refused to receive food

The team knew that the cubs’ mother was likely close to where they found them, waiting for them, so they decided to return them to her for her to approach and save.

They placed the cubs in a small tent, with plenty of blankets for snuggling up, and placed where the cubs were found. They hoped the mother was still where she had last seen her babies.

Soon after, the mother appeared, absolutely terrified and super protective of her babies, that she didn’t want to lose them anymore. Rescuers quickly offered her food, but despite her obvious hunger, she was too nervous for the safety of her puppies to eat and refused to be given food.

Terrified mother

The mother growled, terrified that they might be there to hurt her babies. So the team knew they had to act quickly if they were to save her, and so despite their protests, they quickly put a strap around her neck and miraculously were able to secure her.

Dog eating

In the end everything went well, although being next to her babies she was still a little angry, but the rescuers showed her that they were there to help them. When she felt that she and her cubs were safe, the mother finally ate them.


The property where they were found was once a citrus grove, the cubs were named Valencia, Bergamot, Ponderosa, Satsuma, Mandarin, and Clementine, and the mother was named Navalina.

Navalina at the vet

The family were taken to the vet, where the little cubs had their first check-up, and luckily they were all healthy and happy, thanks to their mother who went out of her way to keep them safe and feed them for a while. that they were homeless.

Now, three weeks later, Navalina and her cubs are safe and sound with a foster family, waiting to be ready to find responsible homes.

Navalina and her puppies

If you are interested in adopting Navalina or one of her puppies, you can contact Much Love Animal Rescue for more information.

Images: Hope For Paws

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