Dog enters police station to “report his own disappearance”


Chico, a lost dog, arrived one morning at the Odessa police station to declare himself “missing”

Chico dog police station report own missing
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At the Odessa, Texas (United States) police department, an unexpected visitor arrived at 3:30 a.m. last week. It was “Chico”, a friendly dog ​​who seemed very concerned about reporting the situation to the police, getting up on his hind legs to take a look at the counter.

The dog animal had come to report that a dog had apparently disappeared from its house; “himself”.

Sergeant Rusty Martin was one of the officers who was there to greet him and said that the dog did not seem very upset by its “lost dog” status. It was as if he had just walked around the neighborhood and decided to visit them for their day.

Martin told The Dodo:

“We were all delighted to have him there. We had a tennis ball and threw it in the hall. Everyone loved it. ”

Although the officers enjoyed Chico’s company, they did not forget the case he originally presented. So they decided to solve it.

The dog was wearing a collar, but it was not easy to find his family, apparently the identification tag had fallen from his neck, so they called animal control to check for a microchip.

But before their arrival, things changed. After spending some time there, Chico came out as fast as he had entered.

Deciding that he had “disappeared” long enough, Chico went to find his family himself.

The family contacted the police station the next day after seeing the Facebook post by the police, confirming that it was their dog and that he had returned home safely.

Chico dog police station report own missing
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Martin said:

“He ran as fast as he entered. The owner replied the next day [to say that] it was his dog and that he had returned home. He lives 1.6 km from the post ”.

It turns out that the one-year-old dog disappeared from the house while its owner, Edward Alvarado, was sleeping.

Chico dog police station report own missing
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Edward found out what had happened when his nephew texted him after seeing Chico’s photos on social media.

The man told NewsWest 9:

“He asked me: Is it Chico?” I went out and checked. But he was already there. That’s great. He knows where to go! “.

Since Chico looks like a German shepherd, many people have published that he probably wanted to join the K9 team or something like that.

The ministry said Chico is welcome anytime. For his part, Edward hopes to take his explorer dog, on adventures around the world and why not, learn more about police stations.

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