Lost Dog Returns Home As Dog Show Winner

dog escapes home returns dog show rosette

Bonnie is a five-year-old beagle mix who recently decided to embark on a little solo adventure, much to the chagrin of her adoptive parents, Peter and Paula Closier. Apparently, Bonnie decided life was more interesting outside the fence of her home in Bolney, West Sussex, UK, so she walked away as soon as she saw an opening.

The couple noticed their dog missing while they were preparing food for Bonnie and her other dog Cleo, and noticed she was nowhere to be found in the house.

Peter, Bonnie’s adoptive father, told The Argus:

“We thought maybe she wasn’t interested in food and we did a full search of the house. I couldn’t see her. I was going back to the kitchen when I saw that the doors were open and I thought ‘oh no.'”

The dog runs away from home and comes back with a dog show badge

dog escapes home returns dog show rosette

A search party, consisting of her two daughters and neighbors, quickly assembled to search for Bonnie. Peter and Paula even called local vets and dog sitters in a desperate attempt to find their beloved dog.

Paula told the BBC:

“We were frantic because we live just off a main road. Bonnie was a stray and we were so scared she wouldn’t know she was back.”

dog escapes home returns dog show rosette

While her family was in a panic, Bonnie for her part was taking a quiet nap near her home. John Wilmer, who was traveling to a dog show in Felbridge, Surrey, with his two dogs, saw Bonnie minutes after she fled and decided to take her with him.

She immediately decided to make a Facebook post to find Bonnie’s parents, writing, “Does anyone know this dog?” As soon as Peter and Paula were assured that their dog was safe, John decided to enter her and her two dogs in a contest.

dog escapes home returns dog show rosette

John said:

“She was such a pretty little dog that I thought it would be nice to introduce her. I was in a bit of a rush to go when we found Bonnie and put her in the car, so I didn’t I couldn’t take him directly to his family.”

dog escapes home returns dog show rosette

Bonnie was rescued from the streets of Crete when she was one year old. Her sister Cleo, who was also rescued from the Greek island, won three rosettes at dog shows for Greek dogs. Everything seems to indicate that Bonnie just wanted to see what the competitions were about, since she had never participated in one before, as well as her sister.

dog escapes home returns dog show rosette

Peter says:

“We never went to dog shows with Bonnie. We should do it now. When she disappeared I had five different outcomes in mind, the best being that she came back. It was even better than that, he came back with a cockade.”

dog escapes home returns dog show rosette

Luckily for Bonnie’s family, the story had a great ending and we can’t wait to see all that she does in the future, now that it’s been discovered that she’s very good at pageants.

Images: SWNS / Peter Closier

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