Stray Dog With A Fabulous Smile Finds A Forever Family

dog fabulous smile finds family

This beautiful stray dog captured the love of shelter people and his new family with his fabulous smile

We know the difficulties that shelters have in getting a stray dog to find a family, we all have idealized in our mind the type of puppy that we would like to have, and these traits further limit the shelters can find a home for these furry ones.

Housing a Staffordshire makes this a little more difficult as they are restless dogs and are considered dangerous by some people, making it difficult for shelters to find a permanent place for them.

But in this case, we find a story with a happy ending, Sybil, a staffie who found her adoptive family just two days after entering the shelter, thanks to her fabulous smile.

Sweet dog found home thanks to his fabulous smile

happy dog

Sybil formerly named Lily came to the All Dogs Matter animal rescue charity in North London after being captured by a dog guard, and she quickly gained the affection of the staff.

This dog broke the stereotypes of her breed thanks to her sympathy, one of the employees uploaded a photograph of the smiling dog to Twitter, filling the shelter with messages. Some expressing love, empathy, and even adoption requests for Sybil.

spoiled and happy dog

Just two days after her arrival at the All Dogs Matter shelter, this cute furry found her home with Frankie Murphy

Frankie said:

We saw her lovely little smile and couldn’t resist, even though we knew she had a lot of interest in posting on twitter, we contacted the charity hoping it was still available. When we went to visit her, we fell in love with her immediately. We were sitting there in the waiting room, and she came in with her foster mom, and she was so excited to see us.

dog with his master

Frankie spent a few days with her family with Sybil, this in order to make sure they were the right ones for her. The little girl adapted easily to her new home and she didn’t stop smiling.

Frankie added:

She’s so good, she follows my dad like a little shadow, and she doesn’t bark at all. My neighbors didn’t even know we had a new dog because she had been so quiet. She is also so smart that she has managed to open our back door. She is not tall enough to reach the handle, but she can push it with her nose and open it.

The family is very happy with her new member, who managed to captivate them with her tenderness, intelligence and mischief.

The deputy director of All Dogs Matter Laura Hedges referred to the difficult situation of the shelter dogs, they are many stray dogs and the unfortunate thing is that they did not receive even half of the requests that Sybil managed.


Laura added:

It just shows the power of how a photo can say a thousand words. We have a lot of dogs coming in who are just as cute as [Sybil], so if you’re thinking of getting a dog, always think about rescuing one first because there are so many dogs across the country looking for good homes.

Giving a dog a home is an act of love that brings joy, adopting not only changes the life of an animal, but ours as well, we hope that like Sybil many furry ones will find a definitive and loving place.

Images: Facebook / All Dogs Matter


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