The Little Dog Is So Happy That People Remember His Birthday

dog family happy birthday

People love their pets and they show it by taking different actions like giving them the best care and comfort in their home, or sometimes celebrating their special days, and they really appreciate it.

Odin is a puppy with short legs, small ears and a short tail who always wags when he is happy, and does not hesitate to express his emotion. And as expected, during the celebration of his big day, something in Odin was surprisingly noticed, his beautiful and big smile.

Odin has lived in Mexico with Joyce Cetina and her family, since they adopted him three years ago; He filled his sweet home with love.

The little dog is happy to celebrate his birthday

happy dog

Every day he shows them all his affection, as if he wanted to let them know that adopting him was the best decision they could make in their life.

Joyce told The Dodo:

“He is a very loyal companion. He loves to cuddle and play.”

Odin and his family

Odin’s birthday was approaching, so the Cetina family decided to do something very special to celebrate it and make the puppy happy. So, earlier this month, the family started getting ready to throw a surprise party for her with all the ingredients and show her how much they love her.

When the day of the party finally arrived, Odin was really surprised and especially moved because they had remembered his birthday.

dog happy birthday

Before revealing the surprise to Odin, the Cetinas had set up many decorations and ordered a dog cake, everything was perfect. Then they revealed the surprise to their beloved Odin, and his reaction moved his whole family, he was just too excited by what he saw.

Joyce said:

“At first he was a little confused, he didn’t understand what it was about. Then he saw that the attention was focused on him, and that the cake was for him. He was very happy.”

dog happy smile

The most incredible thing is that the puppy showed his great happiness with a beautiful smile, letting it be known that he had loved his surprise. In addition, no birthday party would be complete without the memorial song, and Odin’s party would be no exception to this tradition.

After the song he received many gifts, but according to his family what he liked the most were all the kisses and hugs he received.

In fact, the reason for the celebration was the anniversary of the day of her adoption, as her family believes it is important to remember this day. Especially because they feel that they have received the most beautiful gift in the world that day, their adorable, beloved and affectionate Odin.

Odin eats cake

Joyce added:

“Odin is loved and pampered throughout the year, but for us it is an important day because it is the day he entered our lives.”

Beloved odin

Odin will continue to show his love for his family every day, and they will take care of celebrating his birthday every year.

Images: Joyce Cetina

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