How Do Dogs Feel When You Leave Them Home Alone?

dog home alone

Leaving your dog home alone is a sad time for any owner. Sometimes, even if we only leave for a few hours, we can’t stop thinking about him, what he will do or if he will be missed. Well, you should know that your dog is thinking of you during this time too. After all, you are his best friend! How could he not think of you? But how do dogs feel when they are really alone?

In this article, we’re going to talk about how dogs feel when you leave them home alone, especially those who spend many hours alone. Wondering if their owners miss dogs? Or if dogs feel love for us? Find out all below!

1. The dog becomes sad

Dogs can remember the different habits you have together on a daily basis: when you pick up the keys, they know you are going for a walk, and if you open the closet, they know they are going to eat. For this reason, before leaving, they already know it. They know you perfectly.

When you leave the house, dogs inevitably feel sad and they just don’t like being alone! They are social animals and they love to share every moment of their life with their loved ones. Wondering if your dog is bored when he is alone? Especially if your dog is home alone for 8 hours or more, it is important that you pay attention to enriching the house, providing toys or creating an environment with music, for example.

2. The dog sleeps

If you have prepared a good meal for your dog and his daily dose of exercise before leaving, he will probably fall asleep just like he feels you are not there. Dogs usually rest when the house is quiet, but it is inevitable that they will wake up at the slightest noise. Noises from neighbors, the barking of a dog in the street, or an improperly closed door are some of the things that quickly rob him of sleep.

For this reason, most of them take advantage of the fact that you are not there to rest without interruption. And if it can be on the sofa or in your bed, so much the better!

3. He is bored and plays

When they have had enough rest, the dogs realize that you are not back yet. They want to see you! This is when they start to get a little nervous: they want some action and a good time, not to be home alone and with nothing to do.

At this point, dogs with separation anxiety may begin to frolic – cry, bark, nibble on objects, and even urinate. It is very important not to scold a dog who suffers from this problem, we must offer toys and accessories so that our dog can be distracted and even consider the possibility of visiting a specialist. Maybe after so many stories you think your dog is not happy to see you or your dog gets angry when you go, but nothing further from the truth, dogs suffering from separation anxiety are greatly missed by their owners, even creating an excessive dependency on them which is detrimental to their emotional well-being.

Dogs who do not go through this problem just play with their toys a little, go for a walk, drink water … they try to have fun with what they can or continue to rest.

4. He stands by the door, on the balcony or looks out the window

When they have slept, have rested, they have done their need and they have nothing more to do … They are waiting for you and trying to find out if you are about to arrive. It is common for dogs to try to look out the window to see if you are coming back. For this reason, it is very important to take your home security measures into account. Let’s not forget that the dog has an intelligence comparable to that of a very young child: he could fall from the balcony to try to catch a pigeon for example.

But the preferred place to wait for you is definitely around the door. He will therefore be ready to welcome you on your return in a crazy and exaggerated manner. Does your dog miss you? Of course!

5. He goes crazy when you arrive

Being alone is boring and tedious for your dog, but it can have a good thing: that you always come back for him. Checking day after day that you are leaving but always coming back is a sign of love that your dog appreciates and looks forward to. It fills him with happiness and joy to see that you reopen the door and greet him with affection.

Dogs go wild with excitement before they even open the door, who hasn’t been licked, seen their dog wheel, and even excitedly peed? What do the dogs think of their duels? Of course, they can feel love and desire.

You should never forget that you have friends and social life away from home, but he only has you so always remember him and don’t spend too much time away from your best friend, he needs to you.


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