A Dog Forms The Sweetest Friendship With A Man In A Difficult Situation

dog finds homeless become friend

Sora is a sweet and affectionate dog who lights up the lives of her human parents every day with her jokes. But the truth is, Sora isn’t just gentle with those he loves, he’s also kind and compassionate with everyone he meets.

Some time ago, while walking near her home in Paris, Sora made a new friend, a homeless man named Bruno. This chance meeting completely touched his father’s heart and also completely changed Bruno’s life.

The dog’s father was touched when he saw her greet this person with affection, which helped him to feel more empathy himself.

A dog finds a homeless man and decides to be his friend

dog finds homeless become friend

Her father, TikTok user Colzouti, wrote:

“Sora stopped short in front of a young man sitting in front of his tent. Their eyes meet and Sora leaps forward to go see him. By reflex, full of preconceived ideas, I immediately stopped Sora. I recognize [the man] and decide to leave, but Sora refuses to budge. He looks at Bruno. I call her back, but he refuses to budge. I decided to attach his leash and push it away, and that’s when Sora looks at me with eyes only a dog can give. Bruno gave a big smile.”

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Thanks to Sora’s reaction, Colzouti decided to do something else for Bruno. With a little support, including daily doses of love and attention from Sora, Bruno slowly got his life back.

Colzouti said:

“At that moment, I realized two things: that my dog ​​and a stranger had everything to teach me about love of neighbor. And that I will do what it takes to thank this stranger who taught me this precious lesson.”

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Since these videos went viral on social networks, everything has improved for Bruno, which fills Colzouti and Sora with pride.

The man told The Dodo:

“Bruno changed his life. He no longer lives on the street. This story helped him a lot to get out of the street.”

dog finds homeless become friend

Colzouti and Sora no longer see Bruno when they walk around their house, but they keep in touch. And now they get together every week for a play date.

This story shows us that love has the power to change lives. In this case, the love of a dog made it possible.

dog finds homeless become friend

Finally, Colzouti said:

“Their relationship is touching and very sincere. Sora has a mad love for humans. And he shows it as soon as he is given the opportunity.”

Images: Instagram / lavie_de_sora

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