A Dog Fired From The Cia Because She’d Rather Play With Children Than Smell Bombs

dog fired cia doesn't want to sniff bombs

Lulu, a black Labrador, didn’t want to continue sniffing explosives at the CIA, so she had to be kicked out to live the life she loved and play with the kids.

Hopes were high for the black lab named Lulu when she joined the class of 2017 in the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) K9 explosives detection program, but it seems working for the government isn’t for everyone. world. The CIA announced that it had decided to fire Labrador retriever ‘Lulu’, because it was honestly not interested in sniffing out bombs.

Until recently, the one-and-a-half-year-old pup was being trained for an important and noble job, which the agency calls “the first line of defense against explosive threats to headquarters personnel and buildings.” and abroad.

Lulu was one of six recruits chosen to join the first female K9 training class in August. The smallest member of the team, Lulu, seemed good at sniffing out explosives.

A dog fired from the CIA because she does not want to smell bombs

lulu k9

Lulu made great strides in a grueling month and a half of training, learning to sniff out the controller and detect the scent of over 20,000 different explosive concoctions.

After completing print training, Lulu was paired with her Fairfax County Police Department deputy in Virginia to complete an additional 10 weeks of advanced training, this time as a team.

Lulu doesn't want to train

A few weeks after school, the coaches noticed that Lulu was no longer motivated to find explosives, even with the promise of tasty treats or playtime.


The agency explained that puppies often have bad days where they are lazy and refuse to follow the program to detect scents.

They expected Lulu to be out of this state in a day or two. Well, the temporary distraction is usually due to several reasons; canine learners need more play or rest time, greater challenges, or suffer from minor medical issues.

lulu playing

After trying different tactics to get her back in the game, the coaches realized that Lulu’s boredom and disinterest was not a temporary condition.

lulu training

The CIA wrote on its website:

Even when they could motivate her with food and play fetch, she clearly wasn’t having fun anymore. Our trainers’ main concern is the physical and mental well-being of our dogs, which is why they took extremely difficult decision to do what was best for Lulu and leave her out of the program.

labrador retriever

After a few weeks of training together, a bond developed between Lulu and her trainer, so he and his family made the decision to adopt her. Although she is no longer part of the elite K9 team, upon her retirement, Lulu belongs to an exclusive new group: she has a brother, a black Labrador retriever named Harry, and a forever family.

The CIA added:

Now she spends her days playing with the children, sniffing rabbits and squirrels in the garden and eating food and snacks from a dog bowl. Although she has stopped training, Lulu is still a very good dog.

Lulu's brother

Lulu will be missed, but it was the right decision for her. We wish him the best in his new life.

Images: Twitter / CIA


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