The dog found a crying kitten. He has deformed legs, but people love him, that’s what he looks like in plaster

dog found a crying kitten

We’re sure no animal lover would miss such a little one in need. The owner of a border collie dog did the same when, during a walk, he found a small kitten in the grass, squealing loudly. The redhead was alone and it was immediately obvious to the naked eye that there was something wrong with his paws.

He went for a walk, his dog found a little kitten

Ash Houghton is a resident of Utah. He often walks around the neighborhood with his border collie dog. But one day, their daily routine was disrupted. The animal ran to the pile of grass and did not think to move from this place. Worried, the man approached to see what had caught his attention. It turned out that there was a little ginger cat.

Upon closer inspection, Ash immediately noticed that the cat must have been born recently. Unfortunately, neither his siblings nor his mother were there. Then he realized that he was completely alone in the world and if he didn’t help him, he probably wouldn’t survive.

The kitten had serious problems with its paws

The kitten was taken care of by specialists who immediately declared that her paw problems were very serious. To make matters worse, it also emerged that the baby was born with a cleft palate. They also determined that he was only a few days old when he was found in the grass.

The kitten was cared for by Kitty CrusAIDE, a cat relief organization. Since the kitten had sensations in its paws, the vets decided to fight for them. Both forelimbs were stiffened with plaster.

Malec had a great will to fight for his life, he fell in love with Internet users

The kitten was called Tatret Tot. There’s no denying that moving around with two legs in a cast wasn’t easy for him. In addition, he was very weak, which also did not improve the situation. Luckily, no one gave up the fight for their better future, and most importantly, they didn’t do it themselves.

The male fell in love not only with everyone around him, but also with Internet users who met him through social networks, where his situation is regularly reported by caregivers. The doctors are pleased with the progress he is making and his condition is improving day by day. Everyone is impressed by his struggle for life.

There is nothing else to do but cross your fingers that his life will be even better day by day. He is a true warrior who has proven that even though he is small in body, he is big in spirit!

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